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City Playgrounds, 1999

Alphabetical List of Playgrounds

posted December 14, 2004

We have obtained 1999 pictures of city playgrounds and recommendations for playground modifications from the City of Toronto. For summary documents given to us by the City, see City Playgrounds 1999, Summaries.

We have listed the playgrounds in alphabetical order. If you can't find the playground you're interested in, try your browser's "Find" feature. Click on the park name in the Park Page column to see the park's playground pictures from 1999.

The Recommendations documents listed in the Recommendations column are from the City (converted to Microsoft Word format from Wordperfect format by us). The Comments column indicates (by the word "Yes" in the column) the park pages for which community commentary or more recent pictures taken by the community have been added; we are adding these as we can get them. Give us your own comments or pictures at

The 1999 Ward column is the ward in which the playground existed in the 1999 scheme of things, and the 1999 Region was similarly allocated in 1999. We are adding more up to date information in the 2004 Ward Column as we can get it.

Note that some of the park names appear to be in error. We have presented them as found. In a few cases we have added qualifiers to the names (eg "North", "South") where there are duplicate park names in different parts of the city. Many parks have several playgrounds presented with distinguishing name qualifiers added by city staff. 23 of the playgrounds have no city pictures; one has no recommendation document. The recommendations are neither attributed nor dated. Playgrounds that are listed for replacement in the "Priority" documents of the summary report listing page are marked here with "(***replace)".

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Park Page 1999 Ward 1999 Region 2004 Ward Recommendations Comments
Abbotsford Ward-10 North ABBOTSFD.doc
Acacia Ward-6 North ACACIA.doc
Adam's Park Ward-16 East ADAMS.doc
Agincourt North Ward-17 East AGINCRTN.doc
Agincourt South Ward-17 East AGINCRTS.doc
Albert Crosland Ward-19 South CROSLAND.doc
Albion Gardens Park Ward-5 West ALBIONGN.doc
Alderwood Memorial Park Ward-2 West ALDERWD.doc
Aldwych Ward-1 East ALOWYCH.doc
Alex M. Sun Row Park Ward-3 West SUNRO.doc
Alexander Park Ward-2 West ALEXANDE.doc
Alexandra Ward-24 South ALEXANDR.doc
Alexmuir Ward-17 East ALEXMUIR.doc
Algonquin (Montessori) Ward-24 South ALGONQUI.doc
Alisa Craig Ward-8 North AILSACR.doc
Allanhurst Park Ward-3 West ALLANHRT.doc
Allen Gardens Ward-24 South ALGARDEN.doc
Ames Park Ward-9 North AMES.doc
Ames Waites Park Ward-2 West AWAITES.doc
Amesbury-E Ward-6 North AMESBU-E.doc
Amesbury-W Ward-6 North AMESBU-W.doc
Ancaster Ward-8 North ANCASTER.doc
Ancona Ward-10 North ANCONA.doc
Aneta Circle Ward-10 North ANETA.doc
Antibes Ward-8 North ANTIBES.doc
Apted Park Ward-6 North APTED.doc
Armour Hts Ward-9 North ARMOURHT.doc
Audre Lane Ward-17 East AUDROLAN.doc
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Park Page 1999 Ward 1999 Region 2004 Ward Recommendations Comments
Bain Ave Ward-25 South BAIN.doc
Baird Ward-21 South BAIRD.doc
Balmoral Ward-8 North BALMORAL.doc
Bamburgh Ward-17 East BAMBURGH.doc
Baycrest Ward-9 North BAYCREST.doc
Bayhampton Ward-8 North BAYHAMTN.doc
Bayview Village Ward-12 North BAYVIEWV.doc
Beaches Ward-26 South BEACHES.doc
Beatty (***replace) Ward-19 South BEATTY.doc
Beaumonde Heights Park Ward-5 West BEAUMON.doc
Bedford Ward-9 North BEDFORD.doc
Beechgrove Ward-16 East BEECHGR.doc
Bell Manor Park Ward-2 West BELLMANO.doc
Bellbury-A Ward-12 North BELBUR-A.doc
Bellbury-B Ward-12 North BELBUR-B.doc
Bellevue Square Ward-24 South BELLEVUE.doc
Ben Nobleman Parkette Ward-28 West NOBLEMA.doc
Benner Ward-8 North BENNER.doc
Beresford Ward-19 South BERESFOR.doc
Berner Trail Ward-18 East BERNERTL.doc
Bert Robinson Park Ward-28 West ROBINSO.doc
Bestview Ward-12 North BESTVIEW.doc
Bethune Ward-13 East BETHUNE.doc
Beverly Glen Ward-17 East BEVERLYG.doc
Birch Park Ward-2 West BIRCH.doc
Birchmount Park Ward-13 East BIRCHMNT.doc
Bishop Ward-10 North BISHOP.doc
Blackfriar Park Ward-3 West BLKFRIAR.doc
Blantrye Ward-13 East BLANTYRE.doc
Bloordale Park North Ward-4 West BLRDAL-N.doc
Bloordale Park South Ward-4 West BLRDAL-S.doc
Bluehaven Ward-6 North BLUEHAVE.doc
Bob Abate C.C Ward-20 South BOBABATE.doc
Botany Hill Ward-16 East BOTANYHL.doc
Bowen Crt Ward-12 North (not available)
Bramber Wood Ward-16 East BRAMBER.doc
Bratty Ward-7 North BRATTY.doc
Briarcrest Park Ward-4 West BRIARCRE.doc
Bridletown Ward-17 East BRIDLETW.doc
Bridlewood Ward-14 East BRIDLEWD.doc
Bridlewood North Ward-14 East BRIDL-N.doc
Bright Ward-25 South BRIGHT.doc
Brimeley Woods Ward-18 East BRIMELEY.doc
Bristol Parkette Ward-21 South BRISTOL.doc
Broadlands Ward-11 North BROADLAN.doc
Brood Acres Park Ward-4 West BROODACR.doc
Brookbanks-E (***replace) Ward-11 North BROOK-EA.doc
Brookbanks-Valley Ward-11 North BROOKDAL.doc
Brookdale Ward-9 North BROOKDAL.doc
Brooks Road Ward-16 East BROOKS.doc
Brookwell Ward-7 North BROOKWEL.doc
Brunswick Ward-21 South BRUNSWIC.doc
Budapest Ward-19 South BUDAPEST.doc
Burnamill Park (***replace) Ward-4 West BURNHAMI.doc
Burrow Hall Ward-18 East BORROWHL.doc
Buttonwood Park Ward-3 West BUTTONWD.doc
Byng Ward-13 East BYNG.doc
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Park Page 1999 Ward 1999 Region 2004 Ward Recommendations Comments
C.G.Williams Ward-19 South WILLIAMS.doc
Caboto Ward-6 North CABOTO.doc
Campbell Ward-21 South CAMPBELL.doc
Capri Park Ward-4 West CAPRI.doc
Caribou (***replace) Ward-9 North CARIBOU.doc
Carlaw (***replace) Ward-25 South CARLAW.doc
Carlton - Junior Ward-21 South CARLTN-J.doc
Carlton - Senior Ward-21 South CARLTN-S.doc
Carr Street Ward-24 South CARR.doc
Carsbrooke Park Ward-4 West CARSBROO.doc
Cartwright Ward-8 North CARTWRIG.doc
Cashman Park Ward-27 West CASHMAN.doc
Cassandra Ward-11 North CASSANDR.doc
Cassels Park Ward-26 South CASSELS.doc
Caswell Ward-10 North CASWELL.doc
Cataraqui Ward-13 East CATARAQU.doc
Cawthra Ward-23 South CAWTHRA.doc
Cawthraw Square Ward-24 South CAWTHRAW.doc
Cecil Street Ward-24 South CECIL.doc
Cedarbrooke Ward-15 East CEDARBRK.doc
Cedargrove Ward-15 East CEDARGRO.doc
Cedarvale Daycare Park Ward-28 West CEDARDC.doc
Cedarvale Park Ward-28 West CEDARVAL.doc
Centennial Ward-16 East CENTENNI.doc
Centennial Area 3 Ward-4 West CENT-3.doc
Centennial Area 6 Ward-4 West CENT-6.doc
Centennial Area 8 Ward-4 West CENT-8.doc
Centennial Park Area 1 Ward-4 West CENT-1.doc
Centre (***replace) Ward-10 North CENTRE.doc
Centre Island Beach Ward-24 South CTRBEACH.doc
Centre North Beach-E Ward-24 South CTRNOR-E.doc
Centre North Beach-W Ward-24 South CTRNOR-W.doc
Centreville East Ward-24 South CTRVIL-E.doc
Centreville West Ward-24 South CTRVIL-W.doc
Chalkfarm Ward-6 North CHALKFRM.doc
Champlain Ward-9 North CHAMPLAI.doc
Charlottetown Ward-16 East CHARLOTT.doc
Charlton Ward-10 North CHARLTON.doc
Chartland Ward-17 East CHARTLND.doc
Chartwell Ward-18 East CHARTWEL.doc
Chater Court Ward-8 North CHATER.doc
Chelsea Ward-21 South CHELSEA.doc
Chesterie Ward-17 East CHESTERL.doc
Chestnut Hills Park Ward-3 West CHESTNUT.doc
Christ The King Church Park Ward-4 West CHRISTKI.doc
Christie Pitts Ward-21 South CHRISTIE.doc
Churchill Heights Ward-16 East CHURCHHI.doc
Clairlea Ward-13 East CLAIRLEA.doc
Clanton Park (***replace) Ward-8 North CLANTON.doc
Clarinda Ward-12 North CLARINDA.doc
Cliffwood Ward-12 North CLIFFWOO.doc
Close Ward-19 South CLOSEAVE.doc
Clovercrest Ward-12 North CLOVERCR.doc
Cloverdale Park Ward-4 West CLOVERDA.doc
Clydesdale Ward-12 North CLYDESDA.doc
Coleman Ward-26 South COLEMAN.doc
Colony Park Ward-5 West COLONY.doc
Columbus Ward-19 South COLUMBUS.doc
Conacher Ward-10 North CONACHER.doc
Confederation Ward-15 East CONFEDER.doc
Connorvale Park Ward-2 West CONNORVL.doc
Cornell Ward-16 East CORNELL.doc
Coronation Park South Ward-2 West CORONAT.doc
Coronation Park West Ward-27 West CORONATI.doc
Cortleigh Ward-9 North CORTLEIG.doc
Corvette Ward-15 East CORVETTE.doc
Coxwell Parkette (***replace) Ward-26 South COXWELL.doc
Craighten Court Tot Lot Ward-14 East CRAIGHTO.doc
Cresthaven Ward-12 North CRESTHAV.doc
Cronin Park Ward-4 West CRONIN.doc
Cruickshank Park Ward-27 West CRUICKSH.doc
Cullen Bryant Ward-1 East BRYANT.doc
Cummer Ward-12 North CUMMER.doc
Cy Townsend Park Ward-28 West TOWNSEND.doc
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Park Page 1999 Ward 1999 Region 2004 Ward Recommendations Comments
Dallington A Ward-12 North DALL-A.doc
Dallinton-B Ward-12 North DALL-B.doc
Dalrymple Park Ward-27 West DALRYMPL.doc
Dane Ward-8 North DANE.doc
Danforth Gardens Ward-13 East DANFORTH.doc
David Crombie (***replace) Ward-24 South CROMBIE.doc
Davisville Ward-22 South DAVISVIL.doc
Debell Lane Ward-10 North DEBELLLN.doc
DeGrassi Ward-25 South DEGRASSI.doc
Dell Park Ward-8 North DELL.doc
Delma Park Ward-2 West DELMA.doc
Dene Park (East) Ward-18 East DENE-E.doc
Dene Park West Ward-18 East DENE-W.doc
Denison Park Ward-27 West DENISON.doc
Densgrove Ward-16 East DENSGROV.doc
Dentonia Ward-1 East DENTONIA.doc
Diana Ward-7 North DIANA.doc
Dixon Park Ward-3 West DIXON.doc
Don Mount Ward-25 South DONMOUNT.doc
Don Russell Park Ward-2 West DRUSSELL.doc
Dondonald Ward-24 South DOUDOMAL.doc
Donnybrook Park Ward-3 West DONNYBRK.doc
Donora Ward-1 East DONORA.doc
Donwood Ward-15 East DONWOOD.doc
Dorse Ward-14 East DOREST.doc
Douglas Park Ward-2 West DOUGLAS.doc
Dovercourt Park Ward-21 South DOVERCRT.doc
Driftwood Ward-7 North DRIFTWPK.doc
Driftwood CRC Ward-7 North DRIFTCRC.doc
Dufferin Grove Ward-20 South DUFFERGR.doc
Duncairn Ward-11 North DUNCAIRN.doc
Duncan-A Ward-12 North DUNCAN-A.doc
Duncan-B Ward-12 North DUNCAN-B.doc
Dundas-St.Claren Ward-20 South DUNDAS.doc
Dundas-Watkinson Ward-21 South DUN-WATK.doc
Dunlace Ward-9 North DUNLACE.doc
Dunlap Ward-13 East DUNLOP.doc
Dupont Ward-23 South DUPONT.doc
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Park Page 1999 Ward 1999 Region 2004 Ward Recommendations Comments
E.T.A.F Ward-26 South ETAF.doc
Earl Bales-Main Ward-9 North BALES-MN.doc
Earl Bales-Tiny Ward-9 North BALES-TT.doc
Earlscourt Ward-21 South EARLSCRT.doc
East Dale (***replace) Ward-25 South EASTDALE.doc
East Lynn Ward-26 South EASTLYNN.doc
East Mall Park Ward-4 West EASTMALL.doc
Eastview Central Ward-16 East EASTVIEW.doc
Eastview East (***replace) Ward-25 South EASTVIEW1.doc
Eden Valley Park Ward-3 West EDENVAL.doc
Edge Ward-13 East EDGE.doc
Edgeley Ward-7 North EDGELE.doc
Edgewood Central Ward-14 East EDGEWD.doc
Edgewood South Ward-26 South EDGEWOOD.doc
Edithvale-N Ward-10 North EDITHV-N.doc
Edithvale-S Ward-10 North EDITHV-S.doc
Eglinton Ward-22 South EGLINTON.doc
Eglinton Flats Park (***replace) Ward-27 West EGLINFL.doc
Eight Street Park Ward-2 West 8THSTR.doc
Elesmere Ward-14 East ELESMERE.doc
Elizabeth Simcoe Ward-13 East SIMCOE.doc
Elkhorn Ward-12 North ELKHORN.doc
Ellerslie (***replace) Ward-10 North ELLERSLI.doc
Elm Ward-7 North ELM1.doc
Elm Park Ward-27 West ELM.doc
Elmbrook Park Ward-4 West ELMBROOK.doc
Elmcrest Park Ward-4 West ELMCREST.doc
Elms Park Ward-5 West ELMPARK.doc
Empress Ward-10 North EMPRESS.doc
Empringham Ward-18 East EMPRINGH.doc
Eringate Park Ward-4 West ERINGATE.doc
Erwin Krickhahn Ward-21 South KRICKHAM.doc
Etobicoke Valley Park Ward-2 West ETOBIVAL.doc
Evergreen Ward-1 East EVERGREE.doc
Exbury Ward-7 North EXBURY.doc
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Park Page 1999 Ward 1999 Region 2004 Ward Recommendations Comments
Fairbank Park Ward-28 West FAIRBANK.doc
Fairfield Park Ward-2 West FAIRFLD.doc
Fairhaven Park Ward-3 West FAIRHAVE.doc
Fairmount Ward-26 South FAIRMNT.doc
Falstaff CRC Ward-6 North FALSTCRC.doc
Falstaff Park Ward-6 North FALSTAFF.doc
Fanfare Ward-16 East FANFARE.doc
Farquarson Ward-18 East FARQARSO.doc
Felstead Ward-26 South FALSTEAD.doc
Fennimore Ward-6 North FENNIMOR.doc
Fenside Ward-11 North FENSIDE.doc
Firgrove Ward-7 North FIRGROVE.doc
Flagstaff Park Ward-5 West FLAGSTAF.doc
Flemingdon C.C Ward-11 North FLEM-CRC.doc
Flemingdon-A (***replace) Ward-11 North FLEM-A.doc
Flemingdon-B (***replace) Ward-11 North FLEM-B.doc
Flemington-E Ward-8 North FLEMINGE.doc
Flemington-W Ward-8 North FLEMINGW.doc
Flindon Park Ward-6 North FLINDON.doc
Florence Gell Park Ward-27 West FLORENCE.doc
Forest Hill Ward-23 South FORESTHL.doc
Forty Third Street Park Ward-2 West 43RDSTR.doc
Fountainhead Ward-7 North FOUNTAIN.doc
Four Oaks Ward-1 East FOUROAKS.doc
Frank Lambert Ward-21 South LAMBERT.doc
Franklin Ward-10 North FRANKLIN.doc
Fraserwood Ward-8 North FRASERWD.doc
Fred Hamilton Ward-20 South HAMILTON.doc
Frost Park Ward-5 West FROST.doc
Fundy Bay Ward-17 East FUNDY.doc
Futura Ward-7 North FUTURA.doc
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Park Page 1999 Ward 1999 Region 2004 Ward Recommendations Comments
Gamble Ward-1 East GAMBLE.doc
Garden Avenue (unknown) (unknown) GARDENAV.doc
Garthdale Ward-8 North GARTHDAL.doc
Gary Park Ward-6 North GARYPARK.doc
Geary Park Ward-21 South GEARY.doc
George Syme - North Ward-27 West GSYME-N.doc
George Syme - South Ward-27 West GSYME-S.doc
George Webster Ward-1 East WEBSTER.doc
Gihon Springs Park Ward-5 West GIHON.doc
Giltspur Ward-7 North GILTSPUR.doc
Glamorgan Ward-14 East GLAMORGA.doc
Gledhill Ward-1 East GLEDHILL.doc
Glen Agar Park Ward-4 West GLENAGAR.doc
Glen Cedar Park Ward-28 West GLENCEDA.doc
Glen Edyth Ward-23 South GLENEDYT.doc
Glen Gould (Peter Pan) Ward-23 South PETERPAN.doc
Glen Long Ward-8 North GLENLONG.doc
Glen Park Ward-4 West GLENPARK.doc
Glen Ravine Ward-15 East GLENRAVI.doc
Glendora Ward-10 North GLENDORA.doc
Glensheppard Ward-15 East GLENSHEP.doc
Godstone Ward-12 North GODSTONE.doc
Goldhawk East Ward-18 East GOLDHK-E.doc
Goldhawk West Ward-18 East GOLDHK-W.doc
Golf Club Parkette Ward-13 East GOLFCLUB.doc
Goulding-N Ward-10 North GOULD-N.doc
Goulding-S Ward-10 North GOULD-S.doc
Gracedale Ward-6 North GRACEDAL.doc
Gracefield Ward-6 North GRACEFD.doc
Graham Park Ward-28 West GRAHAM.doc
Grand Avenue Park Ward-2 West GRANDAVE.doc
Grandravine Ward-7 North GRANDRAV.doc
Grange Ward-24 South GRANGE.doc
Gratton Park Ward-27 West GRATTON.doc
Graydon Hall Ward-11 North GRAYDON.doc
Graydon Hall-A Ward-11 North GRAYD-A.doc
Graydon Hall-B Ward-11 North GRAYD-B.doc
Green Meadows Park Ward-3 West GRMEADO.doc
Greenfield Park Ward-4 West GREENFLD.doc
Greenvale Ward-16 East GREENVAL.doc
Greenwood Ward-26 South GREENWOO.doc
Greystone Ward-15 East GREYSTON.doc
Gulliver Ward-6 North GULLIVER.doc
Gwendolen Ward-10 North GWENDOLE.doc
Gwildwood Ward-13 East GWILDWD.doc
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Park Page 1999 Ward 1999 Region 2004 Ward Recommendations Comments
Haimer Park Ward-5 West HAIMER-A.doc
Halley Park Ward-27 West HALLEY.doc
Halpert Ward-13 East HALPERT.doc
Hanlan Centre Island Ward-24 South HANISL-C.doc
Hanlan Northwest Island Ward-24 South HAN-NW.doc
Hanlan Point Island Ward-24 South HANISL-N.doc
Hanlan South Island Ward-24 South HANISL-S.doc
Hanlan Southwest Ward-24 South HAN-SW.doc
Harbord Park (***replace) Ward-20 South HARBORD.doc
Harding Park (***replace) Ward-6 North HARDING.doc
Harlandale Ward-10 North HARLAND.doc
Harryetta Ward-8 North HARRYETT.doc
Harvest Moon Ward-18 East HARVESTM.doc
Harwood Park Ward-27 West HARWOOD.doc
Havenbrook (***replace) Ward-12 North HAVENBRK.doc
Havendale Ward-17 East HAVENDAL.doc
Haverson Park Ward-27 West HAVERSON.doc
Hawksbury Ward-12 North HAWKSBU.doc
Healy William Ward-20 South WILLAN.doc
Heather Heights Ward-16 East HEATHER.doc
Heathercrest Park Ward-4 West HEATHERC.doc
Heathrow Ward-7 North HEATHROW.doc
Hendon Ward-10 North HENDON.doc
Henrietta Park Ward-27 West HENRIETT.doc
Heron Ward-16 East HERON.doc
Hidden Trail Ward-8 North HIDTRAIL.doc
Hide-A-Way (***replace) Ward-25 South HIDEAWAY.doc
High Level Pumping Stn (***replace) Ward-23 South PUMPSTAT.doc
High Park-Elis Ward-19 South HIGH-ELI.doc
High Park-North Ward-19 South HIGHPK-N.doc
High Park-Parkside Ward-19 South PARKSIDE.doc
High Park-South Ward-19 South HIGH-SOU.doc
Highfield Park Ward-5 West HIGHFIEL.doc
Highland Creek Ward-16 East HIGHLAND.doc
Highland Heights Ward-17 East HIGHLAND1.doc
Highview Ward-13 East HIGHVIEW.doc
Hillcrest Park Ward-23 South HILLCRES.doc
Hillmount Ward-8 North HILLMT.doc
Hillsborough Ward-15 East HILLSBOR.doc
Hillside Park Ward-2 West HILLSIDE.doc
Hobart (***replace) Ward-12 North HOBERT.doc
Homewood Park Ward-28 West HOMEWOOD.doc
Horseley Hill Ward-18 East HORSELEY.doc
Horton Ward-15 East HORTON.doc
Hullmar Ward-7 North HULLMAR.doc
Humber Gate Park Ward-5 West HUMBERGT.doc
Humber Valley Park Ward-3 West HUMBERVY.doc
Humberline Park Ward-5 West HUMBERLN.doc
Humbertown Park Ward-3 West HUMBERTW.doc
Humberview Park Ward-5 West HUMBERVW.doc
Humewood School Park Ward-28 West HUMEWOOD.doc
Hunters Glen Ward-15 East HUNTERGN.doc
Huntsmill Ward-17 East HUNTSMIL.doc
Hupfield Ward-18 East HUPFIELD.doc
Huron Street Ward-23 South HURON.doc
Huron-Washington Ward-24 South HUR-WASH.doc
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Park Page 1999 Ward 1999 Region 2004 Ward Recommendations Comments
Indian Line Park Ward-5 West INDIANLN.doc
Inglewood Ward-17 East INGLEWD.doc
Ionview Ward-15 East IONVIEW.doc
Irene Ward-21 South IRENE.doc
Irene Risk Ward-6 North IRENERIS.doc
Iroquois Ward-18 East IROQUOIS.doc
Irv Chapley Ward-8 North CHAP-WAT.doc
Irv Chapley East Ward-8 North CHAPLE-E.doc
Irv Chapley-D.C Ward-8 North CHAP-DAY.doc
Irv Chapley-T.T Ward-8 North CHAP-TOT.doc
Islington Ward-6 North ISLINGTN.doc
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Park Page 1999 Ward 1999 Region 2004 Ward Recommendations Comments
J.T. Watson Park Ward-28 West WATSON.doc
Jack Goodlad Ward-15 East GOODLAD.doc
Jean Sibelius (***replace) Ward-23 South SIBELIUS.doc
Jeff Sloan (***replace) Ward-26 South SLOAN.doc
Jenner John Mari C.C Ward-1 East JJMARIE.doc
Jimmy Simpson Ward-25 South SIMPSON.doc
Joel Weeks Ward-25 South JOELWEEK.doc
John Livingstone (***replace) Ward-1 East LIVINGST.doc
John Tabor Ward-18 East TABOR.doc
Jonathan Ashbridge (***replace) Ward-26 South ASHBRIDG.doc
Joseph Burr Tyrell Ward-23 South TYRRELL.doc
Joseph Workman Ward-20 South WORKMAN.doc
Joyce Park Ward-8 North JOYCE.doc
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Park Page 1999 Ward 1999 Region 2004 Ward Recommendations Comments
Kay Park Ward-5 West KAY.doc
Keele-Mulock Ward-21 South KEELE.doc
Kempford Ward-10 North KEMPFORD.doc
Kennedy-Margdon Ward-19 South KEN-MARG.doc
Kenneth Ward-10 North KENNETH.doc
Kenway Park Ward-2 West KENWAY.doc
Ketchum Ward-23 South KETCHUM.doc
Kew Gardens Ward-26 South KEWGRD.doc
King George Park Ward-27 West KINGGEOR.doc
Kingsdale Park Ward-2 West KINGSDAL.doc
Kingsview Park Ward-3 West KINGSVIE.doc
Kirkdene Ward-16 East KIRKDEN.doc
Kirkdene Ravine Ward-16 East KIRKDENE.doc
Kirkwood Ward-9 North KIRKWOOD.doc
Kitchener Ward-15 East KITCHEN.doc
Knott Ward-17 East KNOTT.doc
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Park Page 1999 Ward 1999 Region 2004 Ward Recommendations Comments
L'Amoreaux Ward-17 East LAMOREAU.doc
L'Amoreaux Kidstown Ward-17 East KIDSTOWN.doc
L'Amoreaux North Ward-17 East LAMOR-N.doc
Labumham Ward-2 West ALBURNHA.doc
Lake Crescent Park Ward-2 West LAKECRES.doc
Lambton Kingsway Park Ward-3 West LAM-KING.doc
Lambton Park Ward-27 West LAMBTON.doc
Lamport Stadium Ward-20 South LAMPORT.doc
Langford (***replace) Ward-25 South LANGFORD.doc
Langholm Ward-7 North LANGHOLM.doc
Lanyard Ward-6 North LANYARD.doc
LaRose Park Ward-3 West LAROSE.doc
Laughlin Park Ward-28 West LAUGHLIN.doc
Laura Hill Park Ward-2 West LAURAHIL.doc
Lawrence Hts Ward-8 North LAWRHTS.doc
Lawrence Park Ward-22 South LAWRENCE.doc
Leaside Ward-1 East LEASIDE.doc
Lescon Ward-12 North LESCON.doc
Leslie Ward-12 North LESLIE.doc
Leslie Grove Ward-25 South LESLIEGR.doc
Lessard Park Ward-27 West LESSARD.doc
Leyton Tot Lot Ward-13 East LEYTON.doc
Lillian Ward-10 North LILLIAN.doc
Linkwood Ward-11 North LINKWOOD.doc
Linus Ward-12 North LINUS.doc
Lionel Conacher (***replace) Ward-23 South CONACHER1.doc
Lions Park Ward-27 West LIONS.doc
Lissom Ward-10 North LISSOMPK.doc
Lithuania Ward-19 South LITHUANI.doc
Little Norway Ward-24 South LTNORWAY.doc
Little Road Ward-18 East LITTLES.doc
Lloyd Manor Park Ward-4 West LLODYMAN.doc
Lockleven Ward-13 East LOCKLEVE.doc
Long Branch Park Ward-2 West LONGBRAN.doc
Longwood Ward-9 North LONGWOOD.doc
Lord Seaton Ward-9 North LORDSEAT.doc
Lower Cayuga Park Ward-27 West LCAYUGA.doc
Lower Gaffney Park Ward-27 West LGAFFNEY.doc
Lucy Ward-13 East LUCY.doc
Luke Roberts Wood Ward-15 East LUKEWOOD.doc
Lusted Ward-15 East LUSTED.doc
Lynedock Ward-11 North LYNEDOCK.doc
Lynmont Park Ward-5 West LYNMONT.doc
Lynngate Ward-14 East LYNNGATE.doc
Lytton Ward-22 South LYTTON.doc
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Park Page 1999 Ward 1999 Region 2004 Ward Recommendations Comments
MacGregor Ward-20 South MACGREGO.doc
Madelaine Ward-13 East MADELAIN.doc
Magwood Park Ward-27 West MAGWOOD.doc
Maidvale Ward-15 East MAIDAVAL.doc
Main Street Parkette Ward-26 South MAINST.doc
Malta Ward-19 South MALTA.doc
Malvern Woods Ward-18 East MALVERN.doc
Manchester Park Ward-2 West MANCHEST.doc
Manhatten Ward-14 East MANHATTE.doc
Maple Leaf Ward-6 North MAPLELF.doc
Marble Hill Park Ward-28 West MARBLEHL.doc
Margaret Fairley Ward-24 South FAIRLEY.doc
Margueretta Ward-21 South MARGUERE.doc
Maria (***replace) Ward-19 South MARIA.doc
Marian Engles Parkette (***replace) Ward-21 South ENGELS.doc
Marie Curtis Park Ward-2 West MCURTIS.doc
Martin Grove Gardens Park Ward-3 West MARTGRGN.doc
Maryland Ward-1 East MARYLAND.doc
Maryvale Ward-14 East MARYVALE.doc
Masaryk Park Ward-19 South MASARYK.doc
Masseygrove Park Ward-5 West MASSEYGR.doc
Maureen Ward-12 North MAUREEN.doc
Maxome (***replace) Ward-10 North MAXOME.doc
Maywood Ward-15 East MAYWOOD.doc
McAllister Ward-8 North MCALLIST.doc
McCormack Ward-20 South MCCORMAC.doc
McCowan Ward-15 East MCCOWAN.doc
McDairmid Wood East Ward-17 East MCDAIR-E.doc
McDairmid Wood West Ward-17 East MCDAIR-W.doc
McGregor Ward-14 East MCGREGOR.doc
McLeary Ward-25 South MCLEARY.doc
McNicoll Ward-12 North MCNICOLL.doc
Melbourne Parkette Ward-19 South MELBOURN.doc
Melody Park Ward-5 West MELODY.doc
Merrill Park Ward-27 West MERRILL.doc
Miliken Central Ward-18 East MILIKE-C.doc
Miliken East Ward-18 East MILIKE-E.doc
Miliken West Ward-18 East MILIKE-W.doc
Mill Valley Park Ward-4 West MILLVALL.doc
Millwood Park Ward-4 West MILLWOOD.doc
Mimico Memorial Park Ward-2 West MIMICO.doc
Monarch Ward-26 South MONARCK.doc
Moncur Ward-26 South MONCURE.doc
Moore Park Ward-10 North MOOREPK.doc
Mooregate Ward-15 East MOOREGAT.doc
Moorevale Ward-23 South MOOREVAL.doc
Morse Ward-25 South MORSE.doc
Moss Ward-24 South MOSS.doc
Mossgrove Ward-9 North MOSSGROV.doc
Mount Royal Ward-21 South MTROYAL.doc
Muir Ward-13 East MUIR.doc
Muirhead Ward-12 North MUIRHEAD.doc
Muirlands Ward-18 East MUIRLAND.doc
Municipal Park Ward-2 West MUNICIPA.doc
Murison Ward-18 East MURISON.doc
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Park Page 1999 Ward 1999 Region 2004 Ward Recommendations Comments
Nairn Park Ward-28 West NAIRN.doc
Natal Ward-13 East NATAL.doc
Nathan Philips Sq Daycare Ward-24 South NATSQUAR.doc
Neil-McLellan (***replace) Ward-19 South MCLELLAN.doc
Neilson Ward-18 East NEILSON1.doc
Neilson Park Ward-4 West NEILSON.doc
Nesbitt Ward-1 East NESBITT.doc
Noble Park Ward-27 West NOBLE.doc
Norris Crescent Park Ward-2 West NORRISCR.doc
Norseman Park Ward-2 West NORSEMAN.doc
North Bendale Ward-15 East BENOAKE.doc
North Humber Park Ward-5 West NORHUMBE.doc
North Park Ward-6 North NORTHPK.doc
Northtown Ward-10 North NORTHTWN.doc
Northumberland Ward-21 South NORTHUMB.doc
Northwood CRC Ward-7 North NORWDCRC.doc
Norwood (***replace) Ward-26 South NORWOOD.doc
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Park Page 1999 Ward 1999 Region 2004 Ward Recommendations Comments
Oak Street (***replace) Ward-25 South OAK.doc
Oakcrest Ward-26 South OAKCREST.doc
Oakdale Ward-7 North OAKDALE.doc
Oakridge Ward-13 East OAKRIDGE.doc
Old Orchard Ward-9 North OLDORCH.doc
Old Sheppard Ward-12 North OLDSHEPP.doc
Olser Ward-20 South OSLER.doc
Ontario Street Ward-25 South ONTARIO.doc
Oriole North Ward-12 North ORIOLE.doc
Oriole South Ward-22 South ORIOLE1.doc
Ormskirk Ward-19 South ORMSKIRK.doc
Ourland Park Ward-2 West OURLAND.doc
Owen Ward-9 North OWENPARK.doc
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Park Page 1999 Ward 1999 Region 2004 Ward Recommendations Comments
Pape Ward-25 South PAPE.doc
Park Lawn Park Ward-2 West PARKLAWN.doc
Parkview Ward-10 North PARKVIEW.doc
Parkway Forest-N Ward-11 North PARKW-N.doc
Parkway Forest-S Ward-11 North PARKW-S.doc
Pearon Park Ward-27 West PEARON.doc
Pelham (***replace) Ward-21 South PELHAM.doc
Pellatt Ward-6 North PELLET.doc
Pelmo Ward-6 North PELMO.doc
Pemberton Ward-10 North PEMBERTO.doc
Percy Ward-25 South PERCY.doc
Perth Square Ward-21 South PERTHSQ.doc
Peter Secor Ward-16 East SECOR.doc
Phin (***replace) Ward-26 South PHINN.doc
Pine Point Park Ward-5 West PINEPT.doc
Pinetree Ward-18 East PINETREE.doc
Pineway Ward-12 North PINEWAY.doc
Pinto Ward-12 North PINTO.doc
Pleasantview Ward-12 North PLEASANT.doc
Plowshore Park Ward-5 West PLOWSHIR.doc
Plunkett Ward-6 North PLUNKETT.doc
Poplar Road Ward-13 East POPLAR.doc
Port Royal Ward-17 East PORTROYA.doc
Port Union Village East Ward-16 East PTUNIONE.doc
Port Union West Ward-16 East PTUNIONW.doc
Pottery Ward-22 South POTT-SR.doc
Prairie Ward-13 East PRAIRIE.doc
Pricefield Ward-23 South PRICEFLD.doc
Primrose Ward-21 South PRIMROSE.doc
Primula Ward-6 North PRIMULA.doc
Prince Charles Ward-8 North PRINCECH.doc
Prince of Wales Park Ward-2 West PRINCWAL.doc
Princess Ward-24 South PRINCESS.doc
Princess Anne Park Ward-3 West PRINANNE.doc
Princess Margaret Ward-3 West MARGARE.doc
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Park Page 1999 Ward 1999 Region 2004 Ward Recommendations Comments
Queens Park Ward-2 West QUEENS.doc
Queensay Park Ward-2 West QUEENSWA.doc
Queensland Park Ward-2 West QUEENSLD.doc
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Park Page 1999 Ward 1999 Region 2004 Ward Recommendations Comments
R.V. Burgess East Ward-1 East BURGESSE.doc
R.V. Burgess West Ward-1 East BURGESSW.doc
Rajah Ward-9 North RAJAH.doc
Ramsden Ward-23 South RAMSDEN.doc
Ranchdale Ward-11 North RANCHDAL.doc
Ranee Ward-8 North RANEE.doc
Ravina Ward-19 South RAVINA.doc
Raymore Park Ward-3 West RAYMOR.doc
Rean Ward-9 North REANPARK.doc
Redgrove Park Ward-4 West REDGROVE.doc
Redpath Ward-22 South REDPATH.doc
Regent Park Ward-27 West REGENT.doc
Regents Ward-13 East REGENT1.doc
Rennie Ward-19 South RENNIE.doc
Rexdale Park Ward-5 West REXDALE.doc
Rexlington Park Ward-5 West REXLINGT.doc
Ricardo Ward-6 North RICARDO.doc
Richmond Ward-18 East RICHMOND.doc
Richview Park Ward-4 West RICHVIEW.doc
Ridge Ward-6 North RIDGEPK.doc
Ritchie Ward-19 South RITCHIE.doc
Riverdale Ward-25 South RIVERDAL.doc
Riverlea Park Ward-3 West RIVERLEA.doc
Robert Hicks Ward-8 North ROBHICKS.doc
Robert Street (***replace) Ward-24 South ROBERTST.doc
Rockford Ward-8 North ROCKFORD.doc
Roding (***replace) Ward-7 North RODING.doc
Roehampton Ward-22 South ROEHAMPT.doc
Rosebank Ward-18 East ROSEBANK.doc
Rosedale Ward-23 South ROSEDALE.doc
Rosehill Ward-23 South ROSEHILL.doc
Rosethorn Park Ward-3 West ROSETHOR.doc
Rotary Peace Park Ward-2 West ROTARYPC.doc
Rowatson Ward-13 East ROWATSON.doc
Rowena Ward-11 North ROWENA.doc
Royal Rouge Ward-18 East RYLROUGE.doc
Royalcrest Park Ward-5 West ROYALCRT.doc
Roywood Ward-11 North ROYWOOD.doc
Ruddington Ward-12 North RUDDINGT.doc
Runnymede East Ward-21 South RUNNYM-E.doc
Runnymede West Ward-21 South RUNNYM-W.doc
Rustic Ward-6 North RUSTIC.doc
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Park Page 1999 Ward 1999 Region 2004 Ward Recommendations Comments
Sackville Ward-25 South SACKVILL.doc
Saddletree Ward-12 North SADDLETR.doc
Sadra Ward-21 South SADRA.doc
Sandover Ward-11 North SANDOVER.doc
Sandown Ward-13 East SANDOWN.doc
Sandwood Ward-17 East SANWOOD.doc
Sandy Bruce North Ward-1 East BRUCE-N.doc
Sandy Bruce South Ward-1 East BRUCE-S.doc
Scadding Court (***replace) Ward-24 South SCADDING.doc
Scarborough Bluffs Ward-13 East BLUFFS.doc
Scarborough Village Ward-13 East VILLAGE.doc
Scarden Ward-14 East SCARDEN.doc
Scarlett Heights Park Ward-3 West SCARLETT.doc
Seneca Hill Ward-12 North SENECAHP.doc
Seneca Village Ward-12 North SENVICRC.doc
Sentinel Ward-7 North SENTINEL.doc
Seven Oaks Ward-16 East 7OAKS.doc
Shawnee Ward-12 North SHAWNEE.doc
Sheppard-E Ward-10 North SHEPEAST.doc
Sherwood Ward-22 South SHERWOOD.doc
Shuter Street Ward-25 South SHUTER.doc
Silver Birch Ward-26 South SILBIRCH.doc
Silvercreek Park Ward-3 West SILVERCK.doc
Silverhill Park Ward-4 West SILVERHI.doc
Silverstone Park Ward-5 West SILVERST.doc
Silverview Ward-10 North SILVERVW.doc
Silvio Callela Ward-6 North SILVIO.doc
Sir Casmir Gzowski Ward-19 South GZOWSKI.doc
Sir Winston Churchill Ward-23 South CHURCHIL.doc
Skymark Ward-12 North SKYMARK.doc
Smithfield Park Ward-5 West SMITHFLD.doc
Smithwood Park Ward-4 West SMITHWD.doc
Smythe Park Ward-27 West SMYTHE.doc
Snider Ward-22 South SNIDER.doc
Snowhill Ward-18 East SNOWHILL.doc
Sonya's Square Ward-24 South SONYASQ.doc
Southwell Ward-11 North SOUTHWEL.doc
Spencer Cowan Ward-19 South SPENCER.doc
Spenvalley Ward-7 North SPENVAL.doc
Spring Garden Park Ward-2 West SPRGND.doc
Squirrel's Nest -North Ward-15 East SQUNT-N.doc
Squirrel's Nest-South Ward-15 East SQUNT-S.doc
St. Andrew Ward-24 South STANDREW.doc
St. James Church Ward-24 South TRINITY.doc
St. Jamestown Ward-24 South STJAMES.doc
St. Lucie (***replace) Ward-6 North STLUCIE.doc
St.Edwards Ward-10 North STEDWARD.doc
Stafford Ward-10 North STAFFORD.doc
Stamford Ward-13 East STAMFORD.doc
Stan Wadlow (***replace) Ward-1 East WADLOW.doc
Stanley Ward-20 South STANLEY.doc
Station Road Park Ward-2 West STATIONR.doc
Stephen Leacock Ward-14 East LEACOCK.doc
Stephenson Park Ward-26 South STEPHENS.doc
Stonehouse Park Ward-4 West STONEHOU.doc
Strathburn Ward-6 North STRATHBU.doc
Summerlea Park East Ward-5 West SUMMER-E.doc
Summerlea Park West Ward-5 West SUMMER-W.doc
Sun Row McManus Park Ward-3 West MCMANUS.doc
Sunnydale Acres Park Ward-5 West SUNNYDAL.doc
Sunnylea Park Ward-2 West SUNNYLEA.doc
Suydam Ward-23 South SUYDAM.doc
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Park Page 1999 Ward 1999 Region 2004 Ward Recommendations Comments
Taddle Creek Ward-23 South TADDLECK.doc
Talara Ward-9 North TALARA.doc
Talbot (***replace) Ward-1 East TALBOT.doc
Tall Pines Ward-18 East TALLPINE.doc
Talwood Ward-11 North TALWOOD.doc
Tam O Shanter Ward-17 East OSHANTER.doc
Tamarisk Park Ward-5 West TAMARISK.doc
Terraview Ward-14 East TERRAVW.doc
Terry Fox Ward-17 East TERRYFOX.doc
Thirty Eighth Street Park Ward-2 West 38THSTR.doc
Thistletown Park Ward-5 West THISTLET.doc
Thompson Ward-25 South THOMPSON.doc
Thompson (East) Ward-15 East THOMS-E.doc
Thomspon (West) Ward-15 East THOMS-W.doc
Three Valley Ward-11 North 3VALLEY.doc
Tichester Park Ward-28 West TICHESTE.doc
Timberbank Ward-14 East TIMBERBK.doc
Tom Riley Park Ward-3 West TOMRILEY.doc
Topcliff (***replace) Ward-7 North TOPCLIFF.doc
Topham Ward-1 East TOPHAM.doc
Totts Ward-13 East TOTTS.doc
Tournament (***replace) Ward-9 North TOURNAME.doc
Trace Manes Ward-1 East MANES.doc
Traymore Park Ward-27 West TRAYMORE.doc
Treasure Island Ward-1 East TREASURE.doc
Tretheway Park Ward-27 West TRETHEWA.doc
Treverton Ward-15 East TREVERTO.doc
Trimbee Park Ward-27 West TRIMBEE.doc
Trinity Bellwood-Central Ward-20 South TRYBEL-C.doc
Trinity Bellwood-N (***replace) Ward-20 South TRYBEL-N.doc
Trinity Bellwood-S Ward-20 South TRYBEL-S.doc
Trinity Church Ward-25 South TRICHURC.doc
Triverton Park Ward-25 South TIVERTON.doc
Trudelle Ward-15 East TRUDELLE.doc
Turpin Park Ward-5 West TURPIN.doc
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Park Page 1999 Ward 1999 Region 2004 Ward Recommendations Comments
Underhill Ward-11 North UNDERHIL.doc
Upper Cayuga Park Ward-27 West UCAYUGA.doc
Upper Gaffney Ward-27 West GAFFNEY.doc
Upwood Ward-6 North UPWOOD.doc
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Park Page 1999 Ward 1999 Region 2004 Ward Recommendations Comments
Van Horne (***replace) Ward-12 North VANHORNE.doc
Vermont Square (***replace) Ward-23 South VERMONT.doc
Verobeach Ward-6 North VEROBEAC.doc
Viewmount Ward-8 North VIEWMTPK.doc Yes
Villaways Ward-12 North VILLAWAY.doc
Vine Ward-19 South VINE.doc
Vradenburg Ward-14 East VRADENBG.doc
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Park Page 1999 Ward 1999 Region 2004 Ward Recommendations Comments
Wadsworth Ward-21 South WADSWORT.doc
Wallace-Emerson Ward-21 South EMERSON.doc
Walt Saunders Park Ward-28 West SAUNDERS.doc
Wanita Ward-16 East WANITA.doc
Wanless (***replace) Ward-22 South WANLESS.doc
Ward's Island Lakeshore Ave Ward-24 South WARD-LSH.doc
Ward's Island Old Fire Hall Ward-24 South WARD-FHL.doc
Warner Ward-11 North WARNER.doc
Warrender Park Ward-4 West WARRENDE.doc
Wayne Ward-14 East WAYNE.doc
Wedgewood Park Ward-4 West WEDGEWD.doc
Wedgewood-N Ward-10 North WEDGEW-N.doc
Wedgewood-S Ward-10 North WEDGEW-S.doc
Wellesley Ward-25 South WELLSLEY.doc
Welleworth Park Ward-4 West WELLESWO.doc
Wells Hill Ward-23 South WELLSHIL.doc
Wenderly Ward-8 North WENDERLY.doc
West Deane North Ward-4 West WDEANE-N.doc
West Deane Park Ward-4 West WDEANE.doc
West Deane West Ward-4 West WDEANE-W.doc
West Hill Ward-16 East WESTHILL.doc
West Lodge - North Ward-19 South WLODGE-N.doc
West Lodge - South Ward-19 South WLODGE-S.doc
West Mall Park Ward-4 West WESTMALL.doc
West Mooreland Park (***replace) Ward-21 South MOORELAN.doc
West Rouge C.R Ward-16 East ROUGE-W.doc
Westgrove Park Ward-4 West WESTGRV.doc
Westlake Memorial Park Ward-27 West WESTLAKE.doc
Westmount Park Ward-3 West WESTMN.doc
Weston Wood Park Ward-3 West WESTONWD.doc
Westona Lawrence Park Ward-3 West WESTONA.doc
Westway Park Ward-3 West WESTWAY.doc
Westwood Ward-1 East WESTWOOD.doc
Wexford Ward-14 East WEXFORD.doc
Whitehaven East Ward-18 East WHTHAV-E.doc
Whitehaven West Ward-18 East WHTHAV-W.doc
Whitfield Ward-6 North WHITFIED.doc
Wickson Trail-North Ward-18 East WICKSONN.doc
Wickson Trail-South Ward-18 East WICKSONS.doc
Wigmore Ward-11 North WIGMORE.doc
Wildwood Ward-26 South WILDWOOD.doc
Willard Ward-19 South WILLARD.doc
Willesden Ward-12 North WILLESDE.doc
Willowdale Ward-10 North WILLOWDL.doc
Willowfield Ward-14 East WILLOWFD.doc
Willowridge Park Ward-4 West WILLOWRG.doc
Wilson Hts Ward-8 North WILSONHT.doc
Wincott Park North Ward-3 West WINCOT-N.doc
Wincott Park South Ward-3 West WINCOT-S.doc
Windfields (***replace) Ward-9 North WINFIELD.doc
Windwood Park Ward-5 West WINDWOOD.doc
Winslow Park Ward-2 West WINSLOW.doc
Wishing Well Ward-14 East WISHINGW.doc
Withrow North Ward-25 South WITHRW-N.doc
Withrow South Ward-25 South WITHRW-S.doc
Woburn East Ward-16 East WOBURN1.doc
Woburn North Ward-9 North WOBURN.doc
Woburn South Ward-22 South WOBURN2.doc
Woodbine Beach Ward-26 South WOODBINE.doc
Woodborough Park Ward-27 West WOODBORO.doc
Woodford Park Ward-2 West WOODFORD.doc
Woodrow Ward-13 East WOODROW.doc
Woolner Park Ward-27 West WOOLNER.doc
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Park Page 1999 Ward 1999 Region 2004 Ward Recommendations Comments
York Mills Park Ward-9 North YKMILL.doc
York Mills Valley (***replace) Ward-9 North YKMILLVY.doc
Yorkwoods (***replace) Ward-7 North YORKWOOD.doc