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Cooking with fire

The park reno: a critical look



Citizen-Z Cavan Young's 2004 film about the zamboni crisis

The Big Back Yard in Dufferin park, a 1995 film made by Amnon Buchbinder

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Dufferin Grove Park

Dufferin Grove Park is a public neighbourhood park located in Toronto Canada, just south of Bloor, on the east side of Dufferin.

Location and Contacts

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Staff: 416-392-0913

The basics

- How To Get Involved
- The Role of the Park

Local Discussion Groups

Independent neighbourhood groups:

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The Dufferin Grove Farmers' market has its own website

The Farmers' Market is now an online-only source of local farm produce. The orders are picked up at St.Anne's Church parking lot. Read more in the Weekly Market Notes at www.dufferingrovemarket.ca


Summer - Fall Park newsletter

The 2020 summer - fall newsletter is now online. In this issue:

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Learn to use your green thumb at the park gardens (or learn how to acquire one)

Sakura by the cob

Want to join the Dufferin Grove Park Garden Club Cooperative? It started up again May 27, 2020. During August, gardening sessions are Tuesdays 6-8pm, Wednesdays 9-11am and Fridays 9-11am. Find out more


Covid news

....from the CELOS website: Daily updates from Ontario and Toronto medical officers of health -- lots of information


News before Covid

The February newsletter was a special government issue.



Toronto Life about being homeless in Dufferin Grove Park

"I used to own a condo in Toronto. How I ​ended up living in Dufferin Grove Park" by Toni Corrado



new "multi-purpose room"
from the editor...

The Dufferin Grove Park Northwest Corner Revitalization Project: a critical look.



The Dufferin Grove neighbourhood is UNDER CONSTRUCTION: see our MAP of 23 new major developments (many condos, some rentals, some very tall towers) + 4 park/community centre renovations or replacements


The Freedom of Information request about the state of the Dufferin Grove Rink gives no evidence of anything wrong with the rink pads. Read the report here

The "Northwest corner revitalization" meeting reports, documents and correspondence:

page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4.

Question: why not use the $4 million to fix the whole park instead of just one corner? What needs fixing.

Answer: because the city's Capital Projects planning staff can't cover their payroll by just fixing things, they need big new projects.....read the posts

Accessibility for everyone at Dufferin Grove Park:

- a little history and a tour with the head of the Stopgap Foundation, Luke Anderson: pictures and text and the talk he gave at this park, here.

A park booklet: "Dufferin Grove Park as a neighbourhood commons, 1993 to 2015" is posted here -- a little history, at the end of an era, with stories, lots of coloured photos, and some short interviews. Paper copies are available in the park newsletter slots.