Dufferin Grove Park ~ June 20th to June 24th, 2012

The performance schedule will be identical each evening. Dinner will be served 6pm-7pm followed by Part I at 7pm and Part II at 8:30pm.

6:00pm - Dinner is served

Each night there will be a delicious organic meal served from the park's two wood-fired ovens. The meal will consist of a choice between a meat or vegetarian/vegan entree for $7, as well as soup, salad and dessert at an additional price. Food is sourced locally primarily through the Dufferin Grove Park Farmer's market. In addition to the adult meals we will also provide cheap options for kids. The menu will change every night.

Part I

Hosted by The Spee Society

This year we welcome back as host The Spee Society. The Spee Society is another name for performer/creator Kiersten Tough, well known to Cooking Fire audiences in a number of guises. She performed at the first ever Cooking Fire Theatre Festival in Zuppa Theatre's Uncle Oscar's Experiment, then again with Zuppa Theatre in Open Theatre Kitchen in the festival's third year, and then went on to create her solo show, Lear's Shadow, for Cooking Fire 2007. In 2008, she was back at the festival, co-creating Hellooo, with festival co-artistic director Sarah Cormier. Now we are thrilled to have her back again to host this year's performance extravaganza.

7:00pm - TheatreRUN / Theatre Smith-Gilmour / Why Not Theatre (Toronto) ~ Spent

An absurd physical comedy about two high powered execs who fall off the corporate ladder. SPENT is critically acclaimed for it’s fast paced, poetic commentary on the greed that caused the 2008 financial crisis.

7:15pm - Edge of the Woods Theatre (Huntsville) and Houppz Théàtre (Strasbourg) ~ SplasH20

SplasH20 is a spectacle of all things wet and watery! This shortened version of the celebrated sketch comedy explores the many facets of water in our lives, both its poetry and folly, using many different styles such as clown, slapstick, cabaret and the absurd. Dive into the unexpected!

7:40pm - French Connection (Toronto) ~ Period of Tranzish

A newly-wed, 30-something clown couple are moving into their first home! Their love is big but their house is small… Period of Tranzish is a slap-stick take on love & marriage in close quarters in the land of shrinking real estate and patience.

8:00pm - Dessert and Coffee Break

Part II

8:30pm - SNAP Productions and Theatre Hetaerae (Toronto) ~ Grannie Didn't Go to Florida

You think it's bad in the back seat with Grannie, her cat and the two brats? It can always get worse. Join us on the family vacation from hell.

9:00pm - Échantillon no. 23 (Montreal) ~ PowerPunch®

Need a little energy boost? PowerPunch® will get you thru your day!

Consult a medical professional for proper dosage.

9:30pm - Hare Theatre (London) ~ Mr. F’s Clock Shop

A man walks into the store he owns and has a surprising day at work.

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