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September 13, 2006

When and Where is the Farmers' Market?

Every Thursday 3:00-7:00 all year around

Outdoors around the rinkhouse in summer; in the rinkhouse in winter


Click here to view a map. Dufferin Grove Park rink house (875 Dufferin, S of Bloor), across from the Dufferin Mall. The rink house is in the northwest corner of the park, just off Dufferin. The closest subway stop is Dufferin Station (one block north). The Dufferin buses, both northbound and southbound, stop every three minutes right outside the rink house.


Phone: 416-392-0913 | email


posted April 7, 2005

The new "parking allowed on Thursdays" signs are up on Dufferin Park Avenue in front of St.Mary's High School (north side of the park, access from Gladstone Avenue south from Bloor) -- you'll never get a ticket now if you park there for the market. See satellite image.

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