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How To Get Involved

posted July 11, 2007

Organizing events

Dufferin Grove Park is a public neighbourhood park that is open to all. If you have a small group and want to hang out, play some frizbee or have a picnic, please feel free (see Picnics & Permits for details).

If you have a larger group, an organized event, or a public event, then the best way to start is by contacting staff at 416-392-0913,, or by coming to see them around the rinkhouse most days. The main staff people for making such arrangements are currently Mayssan Shuja, Amy Withers, and Anna Bekerman.

Communicating with neighbours and Dufferin Grove Park staff

Here's a summary list of the various means that neighbours have of getting information and communicating with one another.

  • website (, about 30,000 hits a month, probably 6-8 thousand visits)
  • newsletter (distributed at the rinkhouse, posted in various places in the park, published on the website, 400-600 physical copies ditributed per month)
  • market notes (distributed to subscribers, posted on the website, about 470 distributed per week - subscribe)
  • notices posted around park (various events)
Consultation, requests, feedback:
  • parks recreation staff for consultation (available in the park most times)
  • email contacts for all park areas (right margin of all web pages) or
  • park phone (published on the website home page, and all newsletters) 416-392-0913
  • park emergency number (published in the newsletter) 416-709-0573
  • 3-1-1 Problems & Follow-up (website)
Informal friendship connections:

We encourage most discussion through informal networking at the park (see above) and involvement in park activities. For electronic or more formal discussion, these are open to anyone (subject to moderation or editing):

Contacting Parks, Forestry and Recreation Management Staff

posted July 12, 2007

Surprisingly, there is no single staff person within Parks, Forestry and Recreation who is responsible for Dufferin Grove Park. As of the recent Department re-organization, responsibility for the park is highly fragmented.

In general, all Divisions of the Department are involved in some way:

  • Community Recreation: instructional skating, pleasure skating, pools (including wading pools), recreation program registration, and facility and park permitting (see details)
  • Divisional Co-ordination & Community Engagement: community engagement, Neighbourhood Teams, Volunteer Development (see details)
  • Management Services: finance, staffing for seasonal and part-time workforce (see details)
  • Parks: all aspects of parks maintenance, sports field maintenance and horticulture, Childrenís and Community Gardens, Waste Reduction and Diversion, By-law Enforcement (see details)
  • Parks Development & Infrastructure Management: planning, design and development of the Divisionís green spaces, facilities and amenities, parks and open space design, pathways and trails, pools and water play areas (see details)
  • Strategic Services: concessions, leases and agreements, partnership development (see details)
  • Urban Forestry: tree planting in city parks (see details)

The people we currently see the most are Tino DeCastro (Recreation Supervisor) and Peter Leiss (Parks Supervisor). The Dufferin Grove Park staff report to any Supervisor who has jurisdiction over the activity in question.

Contacting the City Councillor's Office

Councillor Ana Bailao

She can be reached at her Community Office. No appointment necessary. Hours are: Saturdays 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Location: Dufferin Mall (address: 900 Dufferin Street.

On other days she can be reached at 416-392-7012 or

Contacting the Parks and Environment, and Community Development and Recreation Committees.

Parks Forestry and Recreation is not governed by one, but rather by two standing city committees: Parks and Environment (Schedules and Documents), and Community Development and Recreation (Schedules and Documents). For general city committee agendas and schedules, click here.

Contacting The Toronto and East York Community Council

Toronto is organized into community councils consisting of ward councillors within the defined region.

The Community Council covering Ward 18 is the Toronto and East York Community Council. Contact Ros Dyers, 416-392-6992. Schedules, Agendas, Decision Documents, Reports and Minutes can be found here.

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