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Janes Walk

Jane Jacobs walk/"policy-expo"/park reunion at Dufferin Grove:

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SATURDAY MAY 1 is a special day at Dufferin Grove, a celebrate-the-park sequel to the recent park troubles that got us into the news again.

The many letters that park users wrote to the ombudsman, and to others, did not get Tino back (Tino DeCastro, the recreation supervisor who helped make so many things work well). But they did get the attention of City Hall. And since May 1 is a citywide "Jane Jacobs walk" day, it seemed like a good time to follow up, with a walk in the park: Jane's Walk at Dufferin Grove

There are two walks, 11 to 1 and 4 to 6. Plus there's pizza-making at the oven from 12 to 2, and a campfire with good farmers' market food from 5 to 7. As well, Isabel Peres, the park's first campfire cook, has agreed to come back and cook Guatemalan dobladas at the campfire beginning in late morning. (Isabel is in the little 1994 park movie) that's linked on the website.

So May 1 is a good day to have a picnic or toss a frisbee, enjoy the various park show-and-tell stations, and catch up on the news (lots). Even some city managers will be there, wanting to chat about how to work with (instead of against) park users. Help them out with your advice. Invite old friends, look behind the scenes of what makes a park lively, rewrite disabling city policies, play your guitar. Be a happy and well-fed straggler at the campfire when the sun gets low -- remember May 1.

Jane Jacobs walk Gallery

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