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posted August 2, 2006


The park web site ( has a section called “Neighborhood marketplace,” which is full of good recommendations about carpenters, auto repair shops, book-keepers, and every kind of person who might make life easier when a job is not do-it-yourself. These are not ads but neighborhood references that have appeared on the “dufferingrovefriends” e-list over time. To add to the word-of-mouth about who’s local and good at their trade, the park newsletter will carry one item a month about a local merchant whom people like.

From local resident Max Wallace: “I have discovered something truly rare in Toronto that I just have to pass on - an honest car mechanic! They're called Autosonic and they're located at 1236 Dundas, around Dovercourt. Their phone number is 416 535-7565. After some unhappy experiences at other mechanics, I first brought our 14-year-old Honda Civic to them a few months ago for a tune-up and checkup and I even told them that I thought it sounded a bit funny. Nelson called me back the same afternoon and told me there was nothing wrong with it except that it needed new windshield wipers. They replaced the wipers, changed the oil and the total bill came to about $60.00. I think that's the cheapest I ever ended up paying after a checkup/tuneup on any car, new or old. But I assumed that was just a fluke. Then, earlier this week, I heard what sounded like a metallic clanking in the car and knew something was wrong. I immediately brought it to Autosonic and, since my Drive Clean test is due in three weeks, I also asked them to do that at the same time. A few hours later, I received a call informing me that it was a very minor problem with the exhaust, they had fixed it, and I could pick it up at any time. If they had told me I needed a new fligabidijit and the total was $1200.00, I would have paid it. Total cost, including the Drive Clean test, a new gas cap required to pass the emissions test, and taxes: $57.44. I noticed on my bill that they had charged me a grand total of $4.00 for labour! They are also very friendly and incredibly efficient.”

To submit a story of a favourite local merchant, e-mail

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