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posted August 2, 2006; updated August 10, 2006

“All Caps” open-air FREE CONCERT
Saturday August 12, 2-7 p.m. In the Garrison Creek hollow by Dufferin Street.

Organized by Ryan McLaren. There will be eight youth bands, playing a great variety of music, from rock to jazz to punk music (family friendly). The Toronto Public Space Committee will have a table there, and so will “Who Runs this Town.” That’s Dave Meslin’s group, which organized the “Toronto Idol” candidate-for-City Council contest. We’ve invited the winner, and any other candidates for the upcoming municipal election this year, to stroll around during the concert and talk to young people about the issues.

See the website -

The bands:

Neil Haverty -
Proof of Ghosts -
The Diableros -
I Can Put My Arm Back On, You Can't -
Mantler -
Stop Die Resuscitate -
The Lolo Project -

See a story about this in the Toronto Star: Under-age and under-served

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