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posted August 2, 2006


Parked cars at the bottom of the park,
blocking residents' laneway access

The little dead-end bit of Gladstone Avenue right by the playground has legal parking spaces for only four cars on the east side of the street. The west side of the street has two “no stopping” signs, but they are not obvious.

That little street is the only access to the laneway behind the houses on that stretch of Lindsay Avenue, where residents park their cars. In this hot summer, when so many people come to the playground wading pool, there are usually between 5 and 10 cars parked on the dead-end street illegally. That makes the street so congested that residents are often blocked from getting their cars out of the laneway.

A friend of the park is painting a big “no parking” sign. Park users can help too – if you see someone parking there, point out the signs to them. Otherwise they might get a very expensive ticket, which would spoil their day at the park.

No parking signs painted by park staff

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