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posted December 10, 2006

A Special Friday Night Supper BOOK LAUNCH

Outdoor Ice Rink Handbook, Friday Dec.15, 5-7.30 p.m.

…Well, booklet launch: celebrating the publication of the Outdoor Ice Rink Handbook, with contributions by eight Dufferin Rink staff. Published by CELOS with the help of park cookie money. For anyone (rink staff and rink users) who wants their neighborhood rink to run well, this has everything you need to know. Buy one as a Christmas present for each staff person at your local rink (other than Dufferin Rink). They’re $2 each, 48 pages long, with Jane LowBeer’s cheerful illustrations – just the right size for a pocket. Buy one for each of your shinny-playing or pleasure-skating friends, too, so they can find out how their neighbourhood rink can be improved.

The booklet is available now at Dufferin Rink, or download the pdf and have a look!

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