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posted December 10, 2006

Youth Ice-Games Trial

Kids of a certain age want to play British bulldog and ice tag, more than they want to breathe. The rink has a posted rule against those youthful, thrilling, obnoxious games, and the rink staff spend lots of energy taking kids off the ice for breaking the rule.

A few parents have suggested that maybe kids should be allowed to play exciting ice games for ten minutes of every hour: always on the hour, so that skaters wanting a relaxing, peaceful skate will know they can come at ten minutes after the hour and enjoy the next 50 minutes.

Itís an interesting idea. The young teenagers who love ice games have so much energy! Skating around sedately doesnít do it for them. So the rink staff may try allowing an hourly ten minutes of kidsí ice games, at the beginning of the hour, as an experiment. Staff will still supervise, but with a lighter hand. Feedback from other rink users is encouraged. And adults are allowed to play too, but itís not clear that theyíll want to.

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