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posted February 04, 2007

Events Beyond the Park

January 23 to February 4, “And what ALICE found there”
The Great Hall Downstairs Theatre, 8 pm (Sunday matinees at 2.30pm).

Many of the park on-site staff are at the park part-time, and do other things the rest of the time. They dance, or do research, or do union work, or grow food. And some of them do theatre. “And what Alice found there” is a new play about Alice in Wonderland, involving singing, dancing, video art, and puppetry. The park staff who are part of this Stranger Theatre Company performance are: Lea Ambros, Sarah Cormier, and Christina Serra.

The play is so lively and fun we tried to figure out how it could be brought to the rink house so that people could see these park staff transformed into actors. But the rink house just won’t work, since lighting such is big part of the performance. So the only way to see the play is to go down to the southeast corner of Dovercourt and Queen, to the Great Hall Downstairs Theatre.

After February 4, the performances may be even further away – the company has just been invited to present Alice at an international puppetry/theatre festival in Istanbul in May. Thankfully, the rink season will be long over and the summer won’t have begun, so the park won’t be short-staffed with Lea, Sarah and Christina all away.

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