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posted February 04, 2007


The danger fence (erected by Parks maintenance workers on Dec.21) is still up, around the little community–built stairway that was put in to connect the sidewalk to the rink house entry path. Since people can’t use the steps, some of them cling to the wall when they go up or down the City's slanted interlock path, now that the snow finally arrived. Others prefer to clamber up the snow-covered dirt beside the interlock, hanging on to the plastic fencing. Either way it's an adrenalin rush, for people trying not to slip and fall. All the petition signatures to get stairs there are still stuck onto the fence, slowly weathering. And because the parks manager still hasn’t sent over the promised copy of the code that made the City tear out those tidy little temporary stairs, the “design competition” for the rink access stairs is held up. “problems and follow-up.” (See Stairs For Winter)

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