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posted February 04, 2007


One evening in the middle of January, two men in their twenties borrowed skates, gloves, and sticks at the rink. Half an hour later, the men left the building very fast, and a couple of rink staff followed behind. But they were too late. The men jumped into a black Honda Civic and raced away. It turned out that their i.d. was fake.

Tragic – two pairs of good loaner skates, gloves and sticks – gone. But two permit holders came to the rescue. John Dondertman had over-collected from his Friday permit, and so his group donated $125 to buy more skates. Then the women’s shinny tournament collected over $70 in Canadian Tire money, and threw in another $100 from the tournament fees. So the rink staff were able to replace the skates.

But no more iffy i.d. From now on, all adults must either leave government photo i.d., or a hefty deposit, to rent the skates. And kids too young to have i.d must bring their parents down to sign a letter of contract, so their kids can get a laminated i.d. card for the rink. The loaner skates were given to the rink by the NHL Players’ Association, and may anybody who steals them, never score a goal again. And the same goes for those people who fence counterfeit twenties at the zamboni snack bar.

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