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posted February 04, 2007

Park Events

ICE GAMES every weekday 7pm and 8pm, for ten minutes each time: exciting.

This was an experiment last month, and nobody got clobbered, so now the rink staff will offer a bit more – Ice basketball – as well as allowing all the traditional ice games that are usually banned (including races and British bulldog.) If you’re a kid in size or at heart, you can come on the hour at those times (weekdays only) and wear yourself out for ten minutes of crazy fun. If you’d like to have a peaceful skate, come ten minutes after the hour and all the fast stuff will be over.

Saturday February 24, 8 pm to 11 pm: The annual bike couriers’ BIKE RACES ON ICE.

This tournament will once again have the initial elimination rounds on the hockey side only, followed by a two-rink final that can be very exciting (and occasionally a bit bloody, if there’s a collision – the bike tires have many little studs in them). Fan and bike rider Les Hershoff filmed the races last year and the year before, and he posted his film on YouTube. Our webmaster Henrik Bechmann recently figured out how to put YouTube films on the web site. So if you want to have an idea of what a bike race on ice looks like, City Rinks Web Site Dufferin Park Winter Diary 2006 2007

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