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posted February 04, 2007

Rink staff: what else they do besides working for the City

The city runs most of its programs, including Dufferin Rink, with casual staff. That means that all of the work is part-time. Not much income, but on the other hand, park staff can continue with their other interests as well as working here. Here’s a partial list of the great variety of talents the staff here also have, besides running the rink:

Dan Watson: theatre, clown and mime, shinny hockey; Christina Serra – theatre, music with children; Anna Murtaugh: farm worker, volunteers at the Allan Gardens Children’s Conservatory, headed for teacher’s college; Anna Bekerman – studying Spanish translation, volunteers at the Stop Community food centre, park’s main campfire cook, baker; Corey Chivers, science research and teacher of homeschooled kids, motorcycle rider; Lea Ambros – theatre tech and puppet maker, math tutor, baker; Sarah Cormier – theatre, accordion player; Jenny Cook – studying for her masters in Environmental design, baker; Mayssan Shuja, skating teacher, computer helper, youth counsellor; Amy Withers – unit officer for CUPE Local 79, studying German, baker; Ted Carlisle – DJ, hockey player; Eroca Nicols, -- dancer, janitor crew boss, but only in California; Sandy Gribbin – theatre, clown and mime, stilt-walker, baker; Zio Hersh – public school teacher, father, harp-tuner; Claire Freeman-Fawcett – musician (violin); Anna Galati – MacGregor Park activist, mother; Mario Lourenco – theatre, therapy student; Mary Sylwester – vegan cook, film; Yann Peeters – visual artist, shinny player, student; Nick Cameron – student, musician; Emmanuel Gonzales, butcher apprentice, Erinne Henry – skating teacher, social work student...

...And there are a few part-time staff who are paid directly from the Zamboni snack bar funds, and who help out on the busy days when City staff are not enough:

Heidrun Gabel-Koepf, cob builder, potter.
Yo Utano – Environmental Science student, cook.

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