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Food In The Park

posted July 4, 2006

Pizza days
Dan at the oven

photo by Wallie Seto

12 to 2 Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 1 to 3 Sundays.

From park staff Amy Withers: “Pizza is a make-your-own affair but we cook it for you in the oven and the cost is 2 dollars per pizza for dough, sauce and cheese. You can top your pizza with some of the fresh greens the garden is starting to yield like basil, kale, red chard, dill, and soon tomatoes. Of course feel free to bring extra toppings from home.

On hot pizza days we set out the sprinkler for kids to dash through while you chat and we have a few toys and books for little ones too.”

Groups on pizza days:

Small groups: Amy says, “If you have a group of less than 12 people just call the park and tell us that you would like to come. Since pizza days are quite busy we suggest a less hectic time, for instance if you come late in the session (at 1.30 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays or 2.30 on Sundays) there is more space for a little group.”

Bigger groups: Amy says, "If you want to have a pizza party for a large group, more than 12 people, you must contact the park at 416 392 0913 to book a time separate from, but adjoining, our regular pizza hours (that is, right before or right after the regular pizza day hours). For the extra time and staff required for a scheduled party we charge 60 dollars plus $2 per pizza as usual. If your group has special circumstances and you are willing to make a trade of labour and time or goods for a lowered price discuss it with staff….we like deals."

Amy’s pizza decorating ideas: “July 4th and 5th are the semi-finals between Germany and Italy (Tuesday) and Portugal and France (Wednesday) so we hope to see lots of flag pizza's with fresh greens from the garden, white mozzarella cheese and red tomato sauce though we may need some creative interpretation and perhaps the park garden serviceberries for the blue in the French flag."

posted July 4, 2006

Friday Night Supper:
Every Friday at the big oven, 6 to 7 p.m.
Friday night supper

On the last Friday of June, Yvonne Machado worked with the park cooks to make a Portuguese meal. She showed them how to make leg of lamb braised in beer and port wine, Portuguese corn bread, and orange cake for dessert. Most of the recipes were not in a book but had been taught to Yvonne by her mother. There wasn’t a single scrap of that meal left over.

The park cooks wanted to cook a Portuguese meal because a group planned to show a Portuguese-language film in honour of the first-ever Portuguese-language film festival in Toronto. But there was such a high wind that evening, the screen couldn’t be put up and the outdoor film was cancelled. The food was delicious anyway! Hopefully some other excellent local cooks will share their knowledge with the park cooks too, and Yvonne says she’ll come back again when she has time.

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