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posted June 8, 2006


The park web site is now almost completely a wiki. That means it’s much easier to keep up to date, and the task can be shared among many. Our webmaster Henrik Bechmann has trained almost half the park staff to do postings, including pictures. Park staff Mayssan Shuja and Corey Chivers are the senior park “web geeks,” doing the more complicated stuff. Anna Galati does the neighbourhood posts, including local tradespeople. Amy Withers does the food and sports updates, and Lea Ambros does the arts. Jutta Mason (non-staff) is in charge of posting for the 3-1-1 park maintenance pilot project.

The basis of Wiki is that its use is free. Henrik is continuing in that spirit, making the latest organization of the park web site as transparent as possible so that other groups can make use of what we’ve learned. Henrik is willing to talk to any other community groups who would like to set up or convert their web site so it’s easier to post. He hasn’t got time to do other sites but he can give some free advice:

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