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posted June 8, 2006

Annual Set-up of the Yurt

Saturday June 10, all day.

Some years ago, park friends Michelle Oser and Ian Small lent the park a huge yurt (traditional nomad tribal dwelling). They had bought it in Uzbekistan when they were working there for Doctors Without Borders. For the last three years, the yurt has been a backdrop for the Cooking Fire Theatre Festival, a story space for summer, a peaceful meditation spot, a playroom, sometimes even a billet for adventuresome park visitors. Itís time to put it up again for at least June and maybe longer. The wooden frame needs a lot of people to hold it steady when itís being set up and when the roof struts are being put in. Anyone who wants to experience the complications of being a nomadic sheep-herder (?) will find this a very satisfying stand-in. Good food provided, to keep the nomadsí strength up. To find out more, talk to any of the par staff.

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