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News 2008

-Celos website court news.
-Update on Feb. 25 sexual assault arrest.
-Interesting discussion on the dufferingrovefriends e-list.
-Close call at the rink.

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News 2007

-What activities make police stop and question park users?
-New by-law officers.
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News 2006

-Foodshare Garden Vandalism.
-A friendly visit from Supt Ruth White, 14th division police.
-Cob courtyard vandalism.

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News 2005

-Open letter to James Dicks, Toronto Police Service.
-Is Dufferin Grove Park really as dangerous as local cops say?
-Girl Gangsters Threaten A Park Volunteer
-The Police Need Our Reality Check.
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News 2004

-Police catch families toasting marshmallows at a park campfire
-A Lesson in the Law
-Racial Profiling in the Park
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News 2003

-Mary and Joe and the baby
-Pit bull attack
-Wal-mart Security
-Park/Rink Safety

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News 2002

-Police and teenagers
-A visit by Sergeant Guglick and the Fire Department.

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News 2001

-Fast-moving cars in the park
-A Police Response
-Unnecessary Calls To 911
-Police Issues
-Going to court

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News 2000

-A letter from the police
-A vicious and cowardly assault.

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