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Booking Campfires


posted June 18, 2013


Campfires need to be booked with on-site staff at 416-392-0913. There's a suggested $20 donation to cover the cost of city staff/supplies support for this program.

There are always two campfire locations. The main campfire area is year-round – along the centre path. It's available days or evenings. In the summer there is a second location along the south path ("cob"). The south path campfire area is more suitable for small groups of 10-12 people, with children, and it is only available after 6 pm. In the fall, that Cob site closes.

In the winter, the second campfire location is by the rink. The rink campfire location is right next to the pleasure pad and has a matted path to the rink house - be prepared to be dropped in on by other rink users!! That site is available day or evenings.

To have a safe, fun campfire and to keep neighbours happy, these are the rules:

Campfire volunteers run the Dufferin Grove campfires

If you have a campfire at this park, you and the people with you are volunteers keeping your eyes on the park, reporting any problems to staff but also being friendly and welcoming to your neighbours. This is how the Dufferin Grove campfire program is different than the City's fire pit permits. If you want to have a campfires as part of a private picnic, or you charge people to attend, you will need to book a regular city fire pit permit at one of the city's regular locations here.

Booking in advance.

Contact the park program staff at 416 392-0913. Let staff know where you hope to have the fire (locations: main, cob or rink). Staff will need to know your name, phone number, and the number of people you expect to join you. All campfires have to be out by 10pm, as per City regulations.

Go to one of the two weekly campfire orientation sessions.

They take a little less than half an hour. The sessions are on Tuesdays at 6 pm or Saturdays at 12.30.

Once you’ve done that, we’ll put you on the schedule, but your booking is not firm until you’ve had the orientation session. If you've had a recent one before, the repeat will be shorter, just an update.

Bring your own firewood

(but the staff can usually give you some kindling if you like.) Park staff will give you water, pails, and a shovel, which have to be returned to the rink house at the end of your fire. We also have coking equipment which you can let us know about at your orientation or when you book the fire.

Obey the rules of the booking

especially being courteous to neighbours by being quiet (no drumming please) and make a hot fire with as little smoke as possible (ask staff for tips if you are unsure how to do this). To put out your fire on time at 10pm (all fires end at 10pm), stop adding wood at least 30 minutes earlier.

Campfires are cancelled during high wind alert days or smog alert days. Remember that a campfire is not a bonfire. Please keep in mind that the consumption of alcohol or illicit drugs is not permitted anywhere on parks property at any time and participating in questionable activities while having a campfire risks bringing the campfire into ill repute.

As a campfire volunteer, you are also a Campfire Ambassador:

because of the unusual nature of this program you will need to be respectful of neighbours' homes, nearby families, staff and volunteers. Welcome friendly passersby who might stop to see what you are doing.

Ask about our loans of campfire cooking supplies:

If you would like to cook anything over the fire we can provide a trivet to hold a grill, a pot or a pan, pots and pans that are suitable for using over a fire, or roasting forks for roasting marshmallows or hot dogs.

Community involvement

Some of the park friends may come by and say hello. Occasionally they can help get the equipment ready, or receive it into the park clubhouse/rink house at the end.

A few VERY important reminders:

1. The park has small cozy campfires and cooking fires, no bigger than two feet wide, by two feet deep, by two feet high. No bonfires in the park, ever, except on the Night of Dread.

2. You can’t go home without making sure the fire is out completely, no smoldering.

3. You have to bring back everything you borrow from the park staff. (Most people don't need this reminder, but from time to time...)

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