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Location of Campfires

posted April 3, 2007

For the summer, there are two campfire locations – centre path and south path – and one fireplace location – the cob courtyard fireplace.

In winter, there's one more fire location, near the skating rink.

The centre path fire circle is in the middle of the park, and the south path fire circle is beside the cob courtyard.

Park staff book the cooking fire times. They are also available to help start/end your fire. You can reach them at 416-392-0913.

A few park users regularly maintain and provide grills, a cast-iron stand (if you want to cook more than marshmallows or hot dogs on a stick.) pots and pans for campfire permits. They suggest a donation of $20 for upkeep. Many also come through the park regularly to check on your fire and to see if you need any thing additional.

Park staff will give you water, pails, and a shovel. You have to bring your own wood.

A few VERY important reminders:

  1. The park has small cozy campfires and cooking fires. No bonfires in the park, ever, except on the Night of Dread.
  2. You can’t go home without making sure the fire is out completely, no smoldering.
  3. You have to bring back everything you borrow from the park staff. (We shouldn’t have to be writing this reminder, but from time to time...)

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