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About Having Birthday Parties in the park

posted May 12, 2006

In the winter there is an outdoor skating rink at Dufferin Grove park, with a rink house café where people can drink a hot chocolate, change their skates, talk to their friends, etc. Outside the rink house there is a campfire location, and sometimes people have winter skating parties, with a fire (including birthday parties). We do not offer birthday party space inside because the building is usually full of skaters.

In the spring, summer, and early fall, people often have a birthday party somewhere in the park -- they bring a picnic, hang a pinata in the tree, and have a good time. Anyone can do that almost anywhere in the park without arranging permission. (see non permit sites) It's allowed to bring your own barbecue, and many people do that. It's also possible to book a campfire from the park staff for $20 by donation but you need to bring wood yourself (we have a fire stand, pot, frying pan, oven mitts, etc., which we lend out for free).

Pizza Birthday Parties

April 23, 2008

If you want to book a pizza birthday party, it's sometimes possible, but you have to pay for staff ($15 an hour, including fire-lioghting, set-up, and clean-up) as well as wood ($10) and materials ($2.50 per pizza unless you bring all your own materials, i.e. dough and all toppings, sauce, etc.). Call the park at 416 392-0913 and leave a message, and a park staff will call you back and talk it over.

If the birthday were in March, April, October, or November, you'd be out of luck with the park. The rink is not usually open and the park is too cold and muddy for a picnic. But during any of the other months, birthday parties done the way we've described here, are very easy.

You can also e-mail us at

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