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posted August 29, 2007

Wading Pool Reconstruction Forestry Impact Information

An email from Peter Leiss to Sheila Pin of the Dufferin Grove Residents Association contains the Forestry Impact report for the proposed Wading pool project.

August 28, 2007

Here is the Forestry impact information:

We met with Jason Kostopoulos, Assistant Planner - Tree Protection and Plan Review at the site on August 3, 2007 to review the scope of work and impact to the existing tree zones within the limits of construction and vehicle access to the site. He has prepared a report of his investigation and has made recommendations to be followed by the contractor when on site. This is his reply;

Urban Forestry was asked to review the trees for the reconstruction of the Wading Pool at Dufferin Grove Park . It was noted that no trees are scheduled to be removed for the reconstruction, however due to the maturity and condition of the trees, Urban Forestry cannot ensure the survival or safety of the trees due to the reconstruction.

In reviewing the trees at Dufferin Grove Park , Urban Forestry noticed a few things that need to be addressed.


1) Tree Protection shall follow City of Toronto 's Tree Protection Policy and Specifications for Construction near Trees and must be in place before construction start.

2) The Tree Protection barriers should consist of the 1.2 m orange plastic web snow fence on wooden frames.

3) Tree Protection Zone distances are to be measured from the outside edge of the tree base.

4) No storage of construction materials or equipment within TPZ.

5) No movement of vehicles, equipment or pedestrians within TPZ.

6) Water trees regularly before, during and after construction activities.


1) Any damage or injury to any tree shall be addressed by the contractor. This may include, but not limited to, pruning, fertilization, aeration and/or removal. Restitution for damage to the park trees may include payment of tree value and/or replacement tree plantings.

2) Ten trees near the wading pool site were assessed. The overall value of the trees within the work area is $150,000.00.


1) A certified Arborist should be on site when working near trees or working within the tree protection zone.

2) Only a certified Arborist may perform any tree work, this includes pruning of branches or roots.

3) Sand, not limestone should be used for foundation base.

4) Construction within the tree protection zone must be approved by Urban Forestry. This includes measurements, methods and materials.

5) The contractor must stay on the designated paths when moving equipment or materials.

6) Storage of materials must be in an area approved by Urban Forestry.

7) Layout of the trails should try to avoid encroaching within the tree protection zone. If layout is within the tree protection zone, then approval must be permitted by Urban Forestry.

Peter Leiss
Parks Supervisor Toronto East York

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