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News 2006

News 2006

From the July 2006 Newsletter:

posted July 4, 2006


A friend of the sandpit writes: I am a mother of a 5 and 9 year old. They LOVE the pit! I cannot get them out of it. In the park web site it says the sandpit is for older children but younger ones can play as well with supervision of a caregiver close by. I always am close by to supervise both my children but I find that people in the past have said that my 9 year old may be too old to play there.

There's so much to do for little ones at the park but for the older ones the sandpit is extreme fun where their imagination soars and they feel good. Is there an age limit?

The park staff will be reminding people this summer that the sandpit is an adventure playground built for older children. Although little ones are not barred, when its crowded with older kids intent on their projects, little kids should move over to the more protected sandbox inside the playground fence.

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