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The Playground (Pre-covid lockdowns archival record)

The Dufferin Grove Park playground is popular with kids of various ages. There is an enclosed playground with traditional wooden play structures, and a wading pool. The adventure playground sandpit is fun for little kids and budding engineers (up to age 12) alike. And the cob courtyard is a summer snack bar as well as a cleanup station for picnickers. Most of the food used to be prepared from organic produce from the Farmers' Market, in the Zamboni Kitchen and the bake ovens. Nowadays the food is more mainstream but still tasty.

Adventure Playground : the early days at Dufferin Grove
Playground News

Historical Playground News

Playground Rules

Of course there are no dogs allowed in playground, ever, nor EVER in the wading pool (public health rules require the staff to drain the pool if a dog gets in there).

The Wading pool

At one time a very popular gathering place in the summertime, but since the rules were tightened, it's only really busy during heat waves.

The Sandpit

an oval of sand about 20 feet wide by 40 feet long, ringed by big wooden logs. It was put into the park in 1993.

The Enclosed Playground

This is one of the oldest playground structures in Toronto, which did not fall to the big playground demolition of 2000.

The Cob Courtyard

Community-built, still solid after 11 years, now a city-run cafe during the summer months. A favorite fantasy-play area for children.

Dufferin Grove Photo Galleries
International Playground Photos

The story of the Dufferin Grove playground club-- an idea that may have come too late


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