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Welcome to the Police and Park Safety pages

This section contains stories and correspondence between 2000 and 2008 related to helping keep Dufferin Grove a safe and pleasant place to be.

For the neighbourhood around the park: Neighbourhood Safety pages in the Neighbourhood section.

posted April 24, 2004

Vandalism, how we deal with it:

All parks are troubled by vandalism, and when we built our park outdoor ovens we had to get practical about dealing with it. The things that we found out about protecting the ovens will also work for other kinds of park vandalism. Here are the rules of vandalism that we go by.

posted July 19 2004

Please Report Scary Behaviour

If you find a picnic table that's wobbly or a mess of trash in the gardens or a nail sticking up in the playground, please tell the park staff (you'll usually find them at the playground or near the ovens). They want to keep things in good order and everyone's eyes can help. The same goes for destructive or scary behaviour. If it happens at night, leave a message on the park phone at 416 392-0913 and the staff or park friends will pay extra attention to that spot on the following nights. The city can and will issue trespass letters to people who make trouble in the park, prohibiting those folks from returning until they've cleaned up their act.

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