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Description: Request for repair of garden fences
Status: Open
Department: Gardens
Opened: April 10, 2006
Closed: August 31, 2006
Request for fence repair, April 10, 2006

The children's garden fence may have been damaged in the winter. Some cedar slats need to be repaired. Also the demonstration garden fence is leaning because the uprights are rotten.

children's garden, broken fence slats, April 10 2006

Delivery of new cedar rails, May 2006

Rails were delivered and stacked by the demonstration garden.

Cedar rails moved into rink enclosure, June 2006

The maintenance worker agreed that he might not have a chance to fix the fences for a while so it would be better to store the supplies inside the rink fence.

children's garden fence repaired, July 20, 2006

The two broken sections of the children's gerden fence have been repaired by the maintenance worker. All the rails are gone from the rink enclosure now. All that needs to be done is replace the sagging section of the demonstration garden fence.

Request from demonstration gardener Annick Mitchell, August 2 2006

I hope this email will fall on receptive ears because I would like to draw your attention to the split rail fencing around the two vegetable gardens. As the gardener in charge of the the "test" garden in the middle I can only say that the fence has become a safety issue as rails keep falling away. Last month part of the bench in front of the garden collapsed as its support logs were rotten. It has been a LONG time since these benches and fences were built and I would hope they could be replaced very soon. Safety issue as mentioned is number one but also it is now an invitation to pass over and under which negates the purpose of the fence. My suggestion would be to use the same fencing detail as in the children's garden. Its cheap, cheerful and things can grow on it. Perhaps the entrance could go on the narrow end but this is a detail. Please respond.

demonstration garden, fence leaning in background, June 4 2006

Request to Parks supervisor Peter Leiss, August 7, 2006

Joe did a great job repairing the other garden fences -- this last problem is the most ambitious repair, and I know that Joe did have a preliminary chat with Annick. Will he be able to do the repair this coming week?

Comment from Annick Mitchell, August 8 2006

Well thanks for the response on the fencing issue. I hope the fence is going to be straightened in its new incarnation ( goodbye split rail, hello Depression farm modernist).

Request to Parks supervisor Peter Leiss from park staff Mayssan Shuja, August 30, 2006

Im not sure if Joe is away at the moment here's something that seems like it's stuck -- Fixing the fence around the demonstration gardens - this is issue is carried over from July 20 in reference to the safety concern brought up by the gardener/ now an increase in unwanted traffic into the garden coupled with the theft of produce.

Response from Parks supervisor Peter Leiss, August 31 2006

Joe is in the Park today tilling the playground. He has indicated that he was working on the fence last week. He will be working on this again next week.

September 18

slow progress, Sept.18

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