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Description: Conflicting instructions to Recreation staff regarding requirement of staff to wear helmets on ice.
Status: Open
Categories: Rink, Enforcement

Note:This page has been moved to the cityrinks website, and is being maintained at that new location. Therefore the page here is now obslolete. Please refer to the cityrinks version for further updates.

City Outdoor Ice Rink helmet policy

Jutta Mason to Recreation supervisor Tino DeCastro, Jan.25 2006

I need some information. Is there a standing staff committee which decides on mandated safety rules for both park users and staff, e.g. helmets for skaters, or creepers for staff on ice? Who is on that committee? Are there prescribed staff who contribute? How are decisions made? Who approves the decisions? Are minutes of such decision-meetings kept? Is there a research component, i.e. people who gather both internal and external incidence data of the accidents that are being addressed with the safety measures? Are these data available?

I appreciate any information you can give me, or other leads for where I might find the answers.

From City recreation manager Kelvin Seow to Jutta Mason, Nov.28 2006

I think Kim Brown who is one of our Program Standards Officer was on that original committee. I'll check with her to see if she has more background information.

I'll let you know what information she has.

From on-site rink staff Mayssan Shuja to City Rinks maintenance supervisor Brian Green, Dec.15 2006

Rec. staff have been directed by the city to comply with the Helmet Policy for Ice Activities. It states that all City of Toronto Staff that supervise/oversee leisure skate programs and shinny hockey are required to wear CSA approved hockey helmets while on the ice. I have directed my questions about this policy to Tino deCastro for Recreation staff.

For Rink maintenance staff, how are you applying this to Arena Operators/ Ice Technicians? Does the policy appear in your staff manual? Also, are your rink staff required to enforce the helmet policy on participants, say when Rec. staff are not at work in the morning to supervise?

From City Rinks supervisor Brian Green to on-site staff Mayssan Shuja, Dec.20 2006

Maintenance staff are not responsible to advise or direct patrons with respect to the wearing of helmets. Rink maintenance staff are not required to wear helmets.

From on-site rink staff Mayssan Shuja to City Rinks recreation supervisor Kelly McInnes and City Recreation Manager Kelvin Seow, Dec.22 2006

Please see Brian Green's response to my question regarding the helmet policy as if affects Rink Staff (arena operators). There is concern that Recreation staff are being asked to comply with a non-harmonized policy that may be unfair. - Please advice what safety issues are considered when asking staff to wear helmets when supervising pleasure skating programs (not hockey) - How does this differ from Rink Staff Safety when on the ice

Here is some feedback after training: There is Concern that helmet use alienates staff from rink youth. Youth react more defensively and less friendly to staff in helmets. This increases the tendency for disruptive youth/children to act out instead of cooperating, and leaving the rink without providing parent's contact information.

Staff have been advised that the helmet policy is a requirement by the city. Do you have any thoughts on how to answer some of these concerns?

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