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Description: Request to repair water fountain by wading pool
Status: Open
Department: Playground
Categories: Service
Opened: May 1, 2006
Crumbling Water Fountain
Request date: May 01, 2006

This water fountain was installed in 1959 I think, or maybe earlier. It's not in good shape. Could you find out whether it's on any "state of good repair" list?

Response from Recreation supervisor Tino DeCastro, May 6, 2006

The fountain itself is not on a list for replacement.

Repeat Request date: May 07, 2006

How does it get on such a list?

Response from Recreation Supervisor Tino Decastro, May 08, 2006

The fountain has been noted as repair/replacement in need. In may be done this year if funds become available, otherwise it will be put forth in August as part of a list of state of good repair items. The list will get prioritized at which point we will know when this will be looked after.

I hope this helps...

request to Recreation supervisor Tino DeCastro from Jutta Mason, July 30, 2006

The water fountain at the playground was taken out of service this past May. At a meeting on July 27, one park user told park staff that I made sure the fountain was turned off so we could make more money at the food cart, selling water. As you know, this is not the case.

Could you find out when the City plumbers plan to put a new water fountain in at the wading pool? I know we have the water at the sinks nearby, but not everyone has a cup, if they want a drink of water.

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