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Description: Trash cans required in park along Dufferin street
Status: Closed
Categories: Waste, Service
Opened: April 18, 2006
Closed: April 26, 2006
Park trash can locations
Request: April 18 2006

There were no trash cans along Dufferin Street at all last week so the rec staff moved one down. But there need to be a few more -- this picture looks clean, but when mall staff came out to do the 20-minute makeover on April 21, they picked so much trash at the SW end (see in photo -- where the steps are) that they asked me if the trash had been 'planted' there for the makeover. But it was just there naturally -- this is a main walkway between the mall and the neighborhood , so a lot of trash gets put there -- please ask Dave for more trash baskets.

Additional request: April 26 2006

Tino, the staff seem to have moved down one more trash can to the area near Dufferin Street, please thank them for that. Maybe the rec staff can help out by relocating some other park trash cans, according to where they get the most use. In particular, they'll try to shift a few more recycling bins near the main foot traffic from the mall. A lot of the trash from that area is food wrap and pop cans from the mall food court.

Response: April 30, 2006

Two sets of trash/recycling receptacles placed near Dufferin Street. Better.

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