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Description: Request for additional trash removal from the park, bins were over-flowing
Status: Closed
Opened: August 20, 2006

Trash Removal from the park

Request from park staff Mayssan Shuja to Parks supervsior Peter Leiss, August 20 2006

The trash bins in the park are often already heaped and overflowing by Saturday morning: would it be possible to get more garbage pick-up during the busiest times in the park? Also could we get some extra trash bins up by the north end of the park across from St.Mary's High School now that the students are back in school?

Telephone response from Parks supervisor Peter Leiss to park staff Mayssan Shuja Sept.6 2006

The budget doesn't allow for trash pickup on Friday and Saturday. Please document trash overflow so that we can make a case for getting more staff assigned to picking up the garbage.

From park staff Mayssan Shuja to Parks supervisor Peter Leiss Sept.13 2006

As agreed - Recreation staff at Dufferin picked city garbage bags from full bins on Friday and Saturday. Most of the garbage bins would have been too heavy for Parks workers to lift by Sunday morning. Also, being too full, trash would have fallen out and increased the ground litter.

There were a total of 9 garbage bags and it took staff about 3 hours to consolidate them all by the rink house. Note this was on a rainy weekend. This should give the accounting dept an idea of what happens in a city park with no garbage pick up on Friday and Sat. Two of the busiest days of the week.

There are a great deal of upcoming events in September and October, on weekends, that require garbage pickup by maintenance workers. Rec staffing is also being reduced during the fall season and will not be able to assist as much.

Thank you for the additional garbage bins - hopefully this will reduce the amount of ground litter by St. Mary's and by Gladstone.

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