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< Fieldhouse water fountain | Problems 2006

Description: Wading pool drainage clogged, becoming safety hazard
Status: Closed
Department: Playground
Categories: Service, Safety
Opened: May 23, 2006
Closed: May 27, 2006
Wading pool clogged
Request date: May 23, 2006

Tino, the wading pool is clogged with leaves and dirt and the water that collects there is beginning to look like it could be a danger. Could you alert the maintenance crew, in case they are available to fix this?

response May 24, 2006

Mayssan, please get some staff together to clear this water. Please keep me posted on this and let me know when it is done. Our staff on site daily should be informing me of this.

question from Jutta, May 24, 2006

Mayssan is not in town. She says she recalls all of the rec staff cleaning out the pool last year, but not until it had first been mucked out after the winter, by the maintenance crew. That's certainly my recollection.

I noticed around noon that the work has not yet been done. I'm shocked and unhappy that you seem to be suggesting it's turned into a task for the Local 79 staff. The major cleanup was always the job of the Local 416 outside workers with all their equipment -- truck, power washer, city-issue boots, heavy tools. That's why they're paid $20 an hour. Please clarify.

response from Tino, May 14, 2006

This has been done. My expectation of my rec staff on site is to check the middle drain of the wading pool daily. Any debris should be removed. If it is still clogged after that, then I would call the Maintenance crew in. The philosophy here is that, cleaning out the middle drain of the wading pool of leaves is a regular duty performed by the wading pool attendant, who gets paid 8.50 an hour. No shovel needed, just a broom and rubber gloves.

clarification, May 24, 2006

It turns out that Tino did it himself, so the maintenance crew never had to help.

sequel, May 27, 2006

When the rec staff came to hose down the pool and clear the sand out of the drains, they found that the pool hoses had vanished from the pool pit. A young man doing community service hours spent half a day sweeping and hosing the wading pool with an ordinary hose. This wading pool was built in 1959, so the pipes are pretty old and the drains need through flushing. Tricky to do, with limited materials.

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