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Description: Request to regularize re-surfacing of neighbourhood ice rinks.
Status: Closed
Categories: Rink, Service

Note:This page has been moved to the cityrinks website, and is being maintained at that new location. Therefore the page here is now obslolete. Please refer to the cityrinks version for further updates.

posted Jan.6 2007

Outdoor rink ice maintenance

From Jutta Mason to City Rinks supervisor Scott Attwood, Dec.26 2006

I have a question: rink users and some rink on-site staff are telling us that some of the single pads in the East only get resurfaced once a day, some even less. Are they mistaken? (It's my impression that the single pads in the west are done twice a day.)

Also, many rink staff seem to be unaware of when to expect the fly squad. Do you send around a schedule giving the approximate times when each of your single pads are resurfaced?

From City Rinks supervisor Scott Attwood to Jutta Mason, Dec.28 2006

Single pads in the East get resurfaced 2x's daily.

Maintenance schedules vary considerably day to day and this is worked out with Recreational colleagues, as they schedule the permits and programming. Eg. not every rink will be able to be resurfaced at 7:00pm on a Tues. evening. We work with Recreation/ Rec Centres so that all programs/permits from pre-teens to ladies to mens hockey, receive the best / equal service as possible.

From Jutta Mason to City Rinks supervisor Scott Attwood, Dec.28 2006

Hi Scott, that's good news. Twice-a-day resurfacing is not consistent with some people's impression, so I have a suggestion:

-- since the skating programs must be all set now, would you print out your daily outdoor ice rink maintenance schedule and drop a copy at each rink for posting? That way, rink staff and rink users will see that there is a schedule and that it is approximately adhered to, weather permitting. We've found at Dufferin Rink that if we can tell people when to expect ice resurfacing, it calms down their anxiety about bad ice.

If you could send me copy as well, we can post it on the Cityrinks web pages.

Some rink users have made jokes about following your flying crew to find out which bar they go to, and I don't think that kind of myth should be allowed to flourish. You do after all have 8 single pads to maintain in the east (if my count is right?), plus two double pads (?), and I think if that's clear on a printed schedule, the maintenance work will be more obvious.

From City Rinks supervisor Scott Attwood to Jutta Mason, Dec.28 2006

Thank you for your suggestion.

We'll continue to work together with our Recreation colleagues.

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