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About Dufferin Rink

A bit of Dufferin Rink history: the rink clubhouse

Excerpt Adapted from the 2011 series “Winter Stories,” by Jutta Mason

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the original rink house

Once Upon a Time Dufferin Rink, 1960
By Lillian Michiko Blakey-]

From the Toronto Archives: In 1955 the City of Toronto ran six permanent outdoor artificial ice rinks – High Park, Earlscourt, Alexandra, Greenwood, Eglinton, and Dufferin, There were also four portable (?) artificial ice rinks – Rosedale, Ramsden, Queen Alexandra School, and Kew. Children were charged 35 cents to skate (adults 60 cents).

Skating was popular. As an example, attendance at Dufferin Grove on Sunday Dec.11 1955 was 800. High Park, Eglinton and Earlscourt were even higher at 962, 958, and 861. A Toronto Star editorial on Jan3 1958 grumbled: "If Sardines Skated They'd Choose Toronto."

There was a request to provide concessions (snack bars) at Earlscourt and Dufferin rinks. But the request was denied by the Parks authorities.

Read about the next stage, here: Reconstruction

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