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Photo Gallery

Picture Galleries of our local canine friends

first posted Feb 15, 2004, with ongoing additions

Wallie Seto, the owner of the dog Poochie, has a digital camera. He's been taking pictures of the other dogs that take their walks at Dufferin Grove Park:

We'll gladly add your pictures to our galleries...

Picture Gallery 1: Lilli, Elmo, Poochie, Oscar, Max, Grover, Jackson, Lucy, Jackson.
Picture Gallery 2: Sherpa, Emma, Butch, Riley, Rusty, Maise, Mags, Assata, Sinbad, Zoe.
Picture Gallery 3: Harry, Jacob, Maggie, Olive, Hugo, Spike, Sasha, Pax, Lucky, Gertie.
Picture Gallery 4: Gordon, Tara, Dez, Tundra, Duffy, Buckaroo, Echo, Nicholas, Miu, Toby.
Picture Gallery 5: Fila, Garbo, Milo, Cujo, Tehya, Mystique, Sheba, Lucy, Daisy, Nelly.
Picture Gallery 6: Blue Dawg, Kara, Flora, Hogan, Nemo, Lucy, Zoe, Baba, (unnamed), (unnamed), (unnamed), Gandhi, Sheila.

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