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Pit Bulls

We've had our own share of problems with Pit Bulls. Here's a sample of local views on the subject. See Pit Bull Ban

American Pit Bull

posted May 20, 2004

Pit Bull Attack 2003

posted October 7, 2003

Pit Bull Court Case 2003

posted September 16, 2004

Letter To Attorney General

posted September 16, 2004

Attorney General Response

posted November 12, 2004

Another View

posted January 15, 2005

Reflections On Stereotyping

See also some Newspaper Clippings on this issue.

Issues, and how to handle them

posted June 7, 2001

Dog Troubles 2001

posted July 29, 2004

Rules Of Conduct

When it comes to dogs, it's all about the people

posted May 20, 2004

Dave The Dog Walker

posted May 20, 2004

Animal Human Bond

posted June 7, 2002

Facts About Dog Owners

And the Events

posted Sepetember 6, 2005


posted Nov 7, 2001

Dog Owners Cleanup 2001

posted May 20, 2004

Cleanup Day 2003

Pugalug, 2005

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