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posted November 12, 2004

An anonymous letter: Another view of the pitbull story

I just feel anger that there are some of us who are respectable, law-abiding citizens who were encouraged to adopt a pit bull through Animal Services and granted, I am extremely happy that I have done so, but now am being accused of owning a "loaded weapon" or a "ticking time bomb".

Where is the safety in that? Why was I allowed to become attached to a "ticking time bomb" or to spend over $100 on adopting one 6 years ago? I would just like people to realize that yes, there are many young men who are using this breed in the wrong way. In fact they are using a dog, period, in the wrong way. I wish the law addressed this issue, not the issue of normal adults choosing to own these dogs. If some of these respectable citizens that are so pro-pit bull ban had actually bothered to visit the THS or TAS in the past 10 years and actually intended on adopting a dog in this way, they may have adopted a pit bull in the manner that I had, or others I know that go to Dufferin Grove. I always adopt dogs, I NEVER purchase them from breeders. That is just me. I want to help the pet over-population problem, not contribute to it. For the past decade, our shelters have had nothing but pit bulls and crosses. For this reason, I chose to adopt a full-on pit bull and am choosing to be damn proud. I would just like the support of others around me and am tired of being yelled at, asked to leave parks (when my dog is on-leash and by my side) and having people assume that even though I am dressed like a normal citizen, I must be a dredge of society, as I am walking a "loaded weapon".

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