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posted October 27, 2004

Sunday August 15: The Great Picnic Table Painting

One of the ways we spent too much money this summer was by using some summer staff hours to paint picnic tables. The problem is, there is no (zero) money in the Toronto parks budget for fixing and painting park furniture. There's not even anyone who keeps track of which tables or benches need care. But when paint starts to peel off, the wood rots faster, so maintenance is important. Park friend Michelle Webb organized a wonderfully successful painting day, with pizza at the oven. Suchada Promchiri donated brushes, the Parks Department donated paint, and whole families came to paint. With Michelle's all-day supervision, they painted 13 tables, 3 benches, and 2 chairs. Some little kids painted in their underwear and washed their green-daubed bodies at the sand pit afterwards. The tables will last much longer now.

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