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posted May 2, 2004

Broken benches in rainshelter

Ross Stuart fixing our bench</h6>

We asked Ross Stuart to fix some things at the park, and he did, quickly and ingeniously. In this photo he's changing the lock on the bench in the playground rain shelter. Because of poor design, the lockable bench (which also contains an electrical outlet) was often vandalized. The city's carpenters spent hours fixing the damage but since the locks were not ever really strong, soon the bench would be broken again. Ross devised a better approach and we think this one may finally solve our problems.

Ross also put new wheels on a broken food cart, built a work table at the side of the small bake oven, fixed some broken benches, and rebuilt the broken play oven in the playground. He works so fast that he would often be done by the time we thought he was just starting the next job. And his charges were very reasonable.

It's wonderful to have him solve all those long-standing problems, even if it meant paying him directly rather than putting in a city work order.

If you want to hire Ross for your house repairs, see our Trades page for a reference. You can contact him at


We were hoping that somebody wouldl redesign the benches and make it possible to secure them properly, before somebody got electrocuted....although (come to think of it) that would be one interesting way to deal with vandalism. Zap 'em.

posted April 4, 2004

Broken bench by playground

Broken bench by playground:

One of the best things about our park is that there's so much moveable park furniture, so people can be sociable in set-ups of their choice. However, the weather and wear-and-tear take their toll and it would be helpful if we either:

  1. Got some benches and picnic tables repaired or
  2. got the picnic tables and the Piper benches repaired, and ALSO located a fresh stash of cast-off locker-room benches in some city storage area (that was the source of this bench), to replace those that are in the final stages of bio-degrading.

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