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posted October 27, 2004

Park re-cycling postponed again

This past June it seemed like we might finally get re-cycling in the park -- we even got a delivery of two industrial-size blue "toters" for the cans and bottles, plus three smaller blue bins. But it didn't work out. The bins never got picked up, and eventually we had to stuff all the cans and bottles into garbage bags and they were added to the trash. Too much going on at Public Works, is our guess. This winter, the rink staff will be carting household-size blue, gray, and green bins a block over to Gladstone Ave. and adding them into the house-to-house collection. Annick and Jake, who live in the corner house, have given this their blessing. (A few years back, we got in trouble for dumping the park recycling into the big recycling bins right across the street at the apartment building. It turns out they have it picked up privately, and they didn't want any free riders.)

We may also put some bins around the park, including green bins for the dog walkers. The dog feces can be topped up with rink house food scraps. We have a compost bin in the park gardens but there's too much garden waste to fit everything in, and besides, the park has plenty of rats (like most other places in Toronto), and our food scraps don't help.

One reason for taking this extra trouble is that if recyclables go into the park trash, the dumping station sometimes won't let the park dump trucks in. That's what happened the second week of November. So that's the pickle we're in now: Toronto's Public Works Department can't manage to pick up recycling from parks, and so the Parks Division has to pay a private garbage company (Turtle Island) to be allowed to dump unseparated waste at their lot on Cherry Street. (What does Turtle Island do with it?)

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