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posted August 7, 2005

Maintenance snapshot; progress, but mysterious fan behaviour

Hello Don,

Progress report on Dufferin Grove Park:

  • the drinking fountain attached to the north wall of the park field house works again, and so does the dog fountain (I assume -- I don't own a dog anymore)
  • the inside rink house doors have been repaired so they can be locked again, and I believe that your staff are returning on Monday to remove the vertical bar mechanism on both the outside and the inside rink house doors, so we'll hopefully have less trouble with the locks than we've had in the past 12 years
  • an electrician has come to the compressor room to check the fan and he told the park staff there's nothing wrong with it.

Thanks so much for all these follow-ups.

As for the fan, as of Friday night (Aug.5) it's still running all the time (there is clearly nothing wrong with its ability to run.). I'm puzzled because I can't remember the fan running 24 hours a day when the compressors are off, during the 12 years I've been hanging around the park.

I don't know how much power a fan takes. I have heard, though, that the City has taken out (or is considering taking out?) a loan of $10.3 million to hire a giant U.S. company called Cinergy to help Parks and Rec do energy conservation and spend less on power. Apparently paying back this loan will cost over a million dollars a year of your (our) operating funds. Oh dear.

To my mind, it doesn't take a Fortune 500 company to tell us how to conserve energy. One commonsense principle seems to be that "every little bit helps." Would turning off this fan maybe help too?


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