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posted January 18, 2005

Park recycling is finally working well

After a site meeting between Public Works and the Environment, Parks, and the Friends of Dufferin Grove Park, the exact pickup location was marked out and on Dec.10 2004, the first recycling bins were picked up at the park. Since then, the pickup happens every second Friday: we collect two "toters" of paper and cardboard, one "toter" of pop cans and juice boxes, five household-size food scrap bins, and about four more small bins of assorted rcycling. We're surprised by how much we can divert from the trash stream. And the rink house is a good place for kids to learn. We see them practising -- paper towels (from wiping their skate blades) in the green bin, juice boxes in the blue bin, the cardboard box from their new skates in the grey bin, the mini-pizza that fell on the floor in the green bin, etc.

posted February 2, 2005

(Thanks to Wallie Seto for the pictures.)

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