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posted June 7, 2005


Trash police, May 2005

photo by Wallie Seto, May 2005

A City by-law enforcement officer has been going through park trash bags to find out if household garbage is being dumped at the park. In such cases, she often finds evidence of addresses, and she then goes to that house and gives them a ticket for $375. The park garbage bins also have new signs on them, warning of fines between $5000 and $10,000 for dumping household trash in parks. At the bottom of the signs it says: there may be a cash reward for reporting illegal dumping. (Snitching on our neighbours for money? That sounds like a direction we might not want to take.) The by-law enforcement officer tells us that the problem is not bad at our park - only two or three trash baskets tend to have household garbage, and some of those folks have now been given a ticket.

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