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Description: Request to fix broken swings in playground
Status: Closed
Department: Playground
Opened: October 29, 2006
Closed: October 31, 2006

posted October 29 2006

broken swings in playground

Request from Jutta Mason to Parks supervisor Peter Leiss, October 29 2006

swings were cut

-- two parents whose kids use the playground came to tell me that there are two baby-swings broken down there. They said the swings have been like that for about two weeks, and they were wondering whether there is a playground inspector who checks on such things. I said yes, but I guess he just hasn't noticed them yet.

I went down to look -- it's evident that the swings have been cut (!) -- weird. The ends are rather sharp because there is a layer of metal inside the rubber.

Request from Jutta Mason to Parks supervisor Peter Leiss, October 31 2006

I see that the swings haven't been replaced yet, so could you let the repair folks know that the baby swing at the east end of the long swings is also gone? That way they could bring three with them and fix them all at once.

Response from Parks supervisor Peter Leiss to Jutta Mason, October 31 2006

Will do.

Update from Jutta Mason to Parks supervisor Peter Leiss, Nov.4 2006

The new baby swings are great, I see they put new ones on all five. Please pass on our thanks.

baby swings near monkey bars

baby swings on main swing set

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