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Description: Request to fix rink swing gates
Status: Closed
Opened: September 18, 2006

Request to fix swing gates

Request to Parks supervisor Peter Leiss, Sept.18, 2006

jammed swing gates at rink

The swing gates on the south-east side of the rink are hung so low they scrape on the ground when they're opened. The left side is almost completely jammed. This will need a welder to attach the gates higher. There's a bit of urgency here because construction vehicles will be going in and out daily during the header trench repair coming up in two weeks. Could this work be scheduled very soon, so it's ready when the rink construction crew arrives?

Note: these gates have been repaired quite often. Is there a problem with the design?
Work order from Parks supervisor Dave Chapman (covering for Peter Leiss on holidays) to Technical Services supervisor Dough Muir, Sept.19 2006

As per the Work order that I have just forwarded please note the attached pictures of the gate which needs repair.

gate repaired
From Jutta Mason to Parks supervisor Dave Chapman, Sept.29 2006

The Dufferin Grove Park staff showed me yesterday that the rink swing gate has been repaired and it's better than it's been for years. Thanks for taking care of that.

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