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Description: Request to perform repairs on fieldhouse roof, door frame and windows
Status: Open
Categories: Buildings
Opened: April 10, 2005
Fieldhouse repair
Request sent in April 10, 2005

These are photos of the field house. The shingles, as you see, are bad, some of the bricks are very pock-marked from wall ball, the men's washroom door frame is rusted from so many people peeing up against it. Two little windows are still boarded up from a window-breaking event last year. Also, dirt gets trapped inside the heavy metal mesh and I assume it will break down the window frame if not cleared out.

We included a photo of the drinking fountain for good news -- it was NOT ripped off the wall last year.

posted April 25, 2006

Tino Decastro wrote:

The roof will be submitted for future capital funding by Parks. A work order will be raised for the windows by Parks. The brick work is sound.

Tino DeCastro - Supervisor of Community Recreation\\

South District - West Region

posted May 1, 2006

Jutta responds:

Tino, could you please find out:

1. when approximately the work on the windows will be done 2. who is in charge of putting the field house roof on the capital funding list, whether that's been done, and if so, when the work will be scheduled.

response May 3, 2006

This work order was just put in yesterday. glazier will be looking at it today or tomorrow and the replacement window should be in place within a few weeks (has to be fabricated)

update May 25, 2006

Progress but still some issues: - one of the boarded-up windows was replaced but not the other one -- is that still coming? - as you see from the photo, one of the screened windows had a lot of soil trapped inside -- the screen needs to be removed and the soil taken out, otherwise the frame will degrade soon - people keep pointing out the poor condition of the shingles (today it was the parks plumber) and I say-- the roof is not on the capital list yet. Am I wrong about that? It's really quite bad, as the photo shows. - the sink in the men's washroom leaks from the elbow underneath, making the floor kind of slippery by the urinal -- the park plumber told me that's Property's job, as indeed it is.

Question from Jutta Mason to Parks Supervisor Peter Leiss, August 23, 2006

I just came across a reference to roofers for the Dufferin Grove Park field house, in the 1997 park log book. The roofers came in May 1997. That means the present field house roof is only 9 years old, but as you know it's in rough shape. How long would you normally expect a new roof to last in a park?

Response from Parks Supervisor Peter Leiss, August 24, 2006

I would expect that the roof would last longer than 9 years. I will forward this to Facilties for their assessment.

Request from Parks Supervisor Peter Leiss, to Facilities Building South, August 24, 2006

Could you provide an assessment of the issue?

Request from Annemarie of Facilities Building South to John Djokoto, August 24, 2006:

John, Can you address the request for Jutta.

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