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Description: Request to change rink permit fees for youth, and when rink unavailable due to weather or conditions
Status: Closed
Categories: Rink, Community, Enforcement
Opened: October 17, 2006

Note:This page has been moved to the cityrinks website, and is being maintained at that new location. Therefore the page here is now obslolete. Please refer to the cityrinks version for further updates.

Youth shinny hockey permit charges

From Jutta Mason to Recreation Supervisor Tino DeCastro, Oct.17 2006

How much are permits for hockey, per hour?

From Recreation Supervisor Tino DeCastro to Jutta Mason, Oct.17 2006

Youth resident is free no charge. I assume this is under 24. Adult resident is 69.55 per hour, with no refund. As well there is a 5.40 per hour insurance premium, unless the group has there own insurance(must provide proof).

From Permits officer Nancy Aranha to Recreation Supervisor Tino DeCastro, Oct.18 2006

we will be charging youth this year. All the fee are in CLASS. It is my understanding that they can apply for a reduction if fees under the "fee reduction policy".

From Jutta Mason to Permits officer Nancy Aranha, Oct.18 2006

This is really terrible news. Could you please let me know who made this decision? Does it apply to all youth activities throughout Parks F&R or only rinks?

From Permits officer Nancy Aranha to Jutta Mason, Oct.18 2006

the outdoor rink rate was actually approved in 2004, but b/c the south district had never charged youth the decision was made to not charge at the that time. I believe the decision to charge youth as come from the GM's office. Mark, can you confirm this???

The rate for community youth is $34.24.

From Jutta Mason to Permits officer Nancy Aranha, Oct.18 2006

Thank you for looking into this decision. It seems to me that it goes against everything we're trying to do with youth, just to get a very small additional bit of income.

In addition, I believe there is a serious problem with your policy of charging adult rink users for a permit even when the weather, mechanical problems or poor ice maintenance make the rink unavailable. I believe this is not the policy at indoor arenas. You can't charge for time that's not available, can you?

Could you also find out where that decision came from?

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