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Description: White storage sheds require levelling
Status: Closed
Categories: Storage, Service
Opened: May 1, 2006
Closed: June 2006
White Sheds not level
Request date: May 01, 2006

These two sheds have been very useful. But since they are not level, it's very hard to lock the doors (or unlock them), since the door frames are affected by the slant.

Could you ask the maintenance staff if they can fix this problem? If they can't, could you ask them to put on some padlocks so the sheds' contents can be secured?

Response date: May 4 2006

This has been noted and will be looked after.

Second request, May 21

The white storage sheds are still a problem. Not only are they not level, but also the locks are very impractical. Now someone has stuffed cardboard bits into the left shed lock, and the staff can't get at anything in that shed, since the door is jammed. Last year the maintenance supervisor said they could replace these locks with standard City shed padlocks. But it didn't happen. Could you ask the maintenance people to do this? Hopefully they can do it soon, since the rec staff need to get at what's in the shed by Thursday May 25 at the latest.

Partial action, May 25:

A recreation worker came to the park just before the farmers' market and removed the door from its hinges, because the lock was still jammed. That allowed access but made it hard to secure the door after the market was done. As for levelling the sheds, that has not been done yet.

Sheds jacked up, June 2006

A maintenance worker jacked up the sheds. They look crooked but the doors open and close better.

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