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Break-ins And Vandalism

Break-ins and vandalism

March 11, 2010
D. P. wrote:

I just wanted to let everyone know there seems to be a rash of car break-ins lately on Havelock (perhaps other streets too, but I have not heard). Our neighbour had their back hatch window smashed by a rock a week ago, and now last night my car hit – a large rock through the passenger side window, landing on the shifter console and smashing that too. Nothing was taken from the car as there is nothing to take. I doubt anyone saw anything last night, but I did want to suggest that people could post notes in their car windows saying there is nothing to take. I don’t know if that works, but it might deter someone. It looks like it was a very quick smash and grab – the door wasn’t even unlocked, and they did not search beyond the front seat area.

A. T. wrote:

I saw that unfortunate car this morning on my walk down the street, a terrible surprise for the owner indeed!

When we had a car, we would always leave the glove compartment open when we parked it on the street to display the lack of valuable contents.

March 12, 2010
N. M. wrote:

Also to let everyone know there has been broken windows on cars all along Westmoreland street. Very scary. Dont know what to do or who to turn to for help. Dean I dont think these horrible people are looking for anything but a good time. Same thing with the cars on Westmoreland. It seemed that nothing was taken just broken windows to every other car parked on the street. This neighborhood needs help and a new councilor. Please let me know where I can help.

This is no way to live

S. C. wrote:

Regarding car break-ins in the area, this is nothing new. I've lived on Bartlett Ave. for 6 years and this has happened periodically for the entire period. I think it's a combination of crackheads from the Bloor-Lansdowne and Lansdowne-Dupont areas who smash your window for the coins in your drink holder and the same kids who bust up the picnic tables and baseball diamond viewing stands at Dovercourt Park having more fun with vandalism. You can try to ask for more police presence but, in my opinion, some sort of neighbourhood watch group would be much more reliable and effective. Neighbours looking out for neighbours. If you can get the police to actually increase their presence, it will be short-lived. Just my two cents observing this over the years.

M. D. wrote:

The spirit behind or intent behind conflict of interest legislation/rules is always to create transparency or to stop insiders from profiting...It is a real stretch to call any staff activity conflict of interest if we look at "practice" and intent. Conflict of interest laws were not designed with us in mind. We aren't running for profit companies, using city resources(mailing lists/clients). When I look at the wording, I see curtailing park activities as a misreading of both the actual wording and intent. The implication is I am using city resources for undisclosed purposes to create "profit". Conflict of interest is me using city user lists to telemarket my new "mcproduct" line, not the programming we do which benefits the local community.

March 14, 2010
D. A. wrote:

I think this is an excellent way of re-reading (and correcting) that idea of "conflict of interest", because it answers the question of "whose interest?" straightforwardly.

D. W. wrote:

I hate to add to the number of posts on crime in the area, but on Friday night at around 10:30 PM, someone entered our house while my family and I were upstairs and took my handbag, a camera, video camera, and metro pass. We live on Concord, north of Hepbourne, and had become complacent about locking our front door. I assume it was a crime of opportunity -- we had left our inner door open, so anyone on the sidewalk could see my bag sitting on the bench in the hallway and that there didn't seem to be anyone on the main floor.

I just want to remind people to lock their doors, even when they're home. My opinion of the safety of the neighbourhood hasn't changed -- just wish we hadn't made our home such a tempting and easy target.

March 16, 2010
C. Y. wrote:

Sorry to hear about the broken car windows.

Street lights that are working make a big difference to security. If trees obscure the light, that can be fixed too. Leaving your porch light on also helps.

If lights that are out on your street you can tell Toronto Hydro on their website, and they get them fixed pretty quickly.

Here's the link to the Toronto Hydro website:

March 24, 2010
R. H. wrote:

FYI, I just learned that there was a break-in at my neighbour's place today on Westmoreland, just south of the Park. They slashed the screen and opened the kitchen window at the back and stole money. He has also had his truck broken into recently.

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